My first experience with distance running came in 1999 while I was living in Florida. Some of my co-workers were running in the Disney Marathon and a couple of us went out to cheer them on. I was amazed that people were able to run 26.2 miles. My mind had assumed that it was only a task for the most elite athletes. However my friends were not elite athletes (far from it, I'm sure they'd admit) so my paradigm was quickly changing.

We waited near the 25 mile mark which was at the English Pub within EPCOT center and after we saw them pass, we rushed to the finish line just outside of the park. The finishers all were thrilled to be finishing a marathon and at that moment I decided that I would give marathoning a try.

Months later I registered for that same Disney Marathon and began a four month training regimen. Having never before run even 10 miles at a time, the training was both exciting (my training runs were farther than I had ever been before) and exhausting (my training runs were farther than I had ever been before). In January of 2000, I completed my first marathon. Since then I have run 16 more - meeting up with running groups, gaining great friends and getting to travel across the country for races.

Past races

  1. January 2000 - Disney World Marathon
    First marathon ever! Finished in 4:18 Marathon Story
  2. October 2000 - Louisville Marathon
    Did this as a training run after soccer season. Walked the last 7 miles.
  3. December 2000 - Memphis Marathon
    Got to run past Graceland and pose with a fake Elvis. Ran this as a 'training' run to prepare for a PR in my next marathon. (Bad idea.)
  4. January 2001 - Disney World Marathon
    Attempting to go under 4 hours. PR Personal Record of 4:04.
  5. July 2001 - San Francisco Marathon
    A hilly, epic quest to get under the four hour barrier. Read the marathon story to find out if I made it.
  6. June 2002 - SunBurst Marathon (South Bend, IN)
    This race finished on the 50 yard line of Notre Dame's football stadium!
  7. January 2003 - Disney World Marathon
    Another trip down to Disney. Beat George W. Bush's PR by three minutes.
  8. January 2004 - Disney World Marathon
    My fourth trip back here, but this time I came with a large group of friends! Marathon Story
  9. December 2004 - Tehcumseh Trail Marathon (Nashville, IN)
    A very hilly course with water crossings and narrow trails. My slowest marathon ever - we had a GREAT time!
  10. January 2005 - Phoenix Rock n' Roll Marathon
    A group of over 40 of us went to this one. Bands all along the course and a concert that night.
  11. April 2005 - Derby Festival Marathon (Louisville, KY)
    I've always done the half marathon here and decided to give the newly added full marathon a try.
  12. April 2006 - Derby Festival Marathon (Louisville, KY)
    This was my first serious attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Close, but no cigar. Marathon Story
  13. January 2007 - Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge (Disney World)
    Talk about goofy... we ran a half marathon on Saturday and then a full marathon on Sunday. (80 degrees!)
  14. January 2008 - Disney World Marathon
    Had a great time cheering on my wife Lisa in the half on Saturday and then running the full myself on Sunday.
  15. March 2008 - Shamrock Marathon (Virginia Beach, VA)
    My fastest marathon ever! This was a spring break trip with the whole running group. Marathon Story
  16. April 2009 - Boston Marathon
    An amazing experience! Difficult course with great crowd support the whole way.
  17. January 2010 - Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge (Disney World)
    Who would've expected Florida temperatures in the twentys! Met a sub 2-hour/4-hour time goal.
  18. June 2011 - Carmel Marathon
    The first time this marathon was ever run. A nice course and a comfortable pace.
  19. November 2012 - Monumental Marathon (Indianapolis)
    A good consistent race through Indy. Sleeting during the last 5 miles! Fastest since 2008.

Running Info

My two favorite marathoning books are:
The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer by Whitsett, Dolgener and Kole ©1998
Run Less Run Faster by Pierce, Murr and Moss ©2007

Looking forward to the innaugural Mill Race Marathon in Columbus in '13 !!!

"It's not about dedicating your life to your training. It's about dedicating your training to your life." - Dan Millman

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