BCSC Website User Registration & E-Alert Subscriptions

**** NOTICE ****
BCSC is moving to a new Emergency E-Alert service over the summer of 2017
New accounts will need to be created using the new Emergency E-Alert service
Please check back the week of July 10th for new instructions

Emergency E-Alert Registration

School Closings, Delays, Early Dismissals and Emergency Announcements

Emergency E-alerts are sent by the BCSC district administration when there will be a school closing, delay or early dismissal or if there is an emergency announcement.
***Check back the week of July 10th for instructions***


Content E-Alert Subscription

Content E-alerts are sent by teachers and school webmasters when they want to let subscribers know that they have made changes to their webpages. This may be the addition of a school calendar event or headline on the school homepage or an assignment change on a teacher's website. Content E-alerts are sent by email. Follow instructions for "subscriptions".


What if I do not receive a Broadcast E-alert Mobile Text-Message even though I signed up to receive one?
First check to see if your number was entered correctly including the area code. If it is contact your cell phone provider.  You may have restricted text messaging.
What if I do not receive a confirmation email with my username and password?
Please check back on your profile and make sure you entered your email in correctly.
Who do I contact if I have any problems registering or subscribing to E-alerts?
Please email the BCSC Webmaster at webmaster@bcsc.k12.in.us
Is there a cost?
No, not from BCSC. There may be a cost for the Mobile Text-Message E-alert if you do not have a text-message plan with your cell phone provider.
Will my password expire?
No. Your password will stay the same until you decide to change it.
Can pre-pay cell phones be used for text-messages?
Is there a limit to the number of webpages that I can subscribe to?
Last Modified on June 12, 2017