Beacon Schedule

    Beacon Schedule:

      3:10-3:20      Students will grab a free healthy snack and a drink, and unwind from                           the long day as they visit with friends.

               3:20-4:20      Students will be given the opportunity to work on their homework                                            for the day, with the help of certified teachers who will guide them                                          through difficult problems and answer their challenging questions.                    
                   4:20-4:40       If students have completed their homework they may use this time                                          to participate in the various activities they have shown an interest                                        in.  These can be anything from learning Sign Language, to creating a                                        webpage, joining a fitness club, or exploring the world of                                        Photography.  We will also use this enrichment time for various                                        guest speakers as well as additional team-building and character                                        building     


                             Beacon closes