• Parent Pledge

    As a parent, grandparent or caring adult, I hereby affirm my commitment to the academic achievement and career success of my child. I promise to make the pursuit of knowledge a priority in my household.

    To demonstrate my commitment to this goal, I pledge to adhere to the following principles:

    • My child will read with an adult or be encouraged to read independently each day.
    • My child will complete all homework assignments given by school instructors and will be encouraged to ask for help when it is needed.
    • My child will arrive at school on time, well rested and prepared for a full day of instruction and learning.
    • My child will treat teachers and fellow classmates with respect and compassion. I will make positive behavior the expectation in my household.
    • My child will graduate from high school and will understand the importance of a strong education in determining future success.
    • I will encourage my child to dream big and always give 100 percent effort.
    • I will treat my child’s teachers as a valuable resource and work with them to support academic improvement and classroom behavior expectations.
    • I will monitor my child’s academic growth and stay as involved as possible in my child’s education. I will let the teacher know right away if I notice any problems.

    Together, my child and I, in partnership with Indiana’s educators, will make education our #1 priority.


Last Modified on February 28, 2012