• Ride along Power point  Fall Break 2017
    Ride along   Power Point
     Home work Pack  Pint out and turn in.
    Power Point Traffic Law  Click here for power point
    Tuesday  Vin Unv #2 Chapter  VU Chapter 2
    Sept 4-8 
    Monday  Labor Day  Off
    Tuesday  ILOD Vol 7 #Pro 10  / Notes   Power point download  Power Point Mod 3
    Wednesday  Finish Notes  Home work 
    Thursday Signal 27 Demo  Practice
    Friday  Signal 27 Signal 40 Warrent arrest
    Monday 28th Aug  Notes  Topic and XL Budget   PDF  Topic page   Topic and Template
    Tuesday  Notes XL  Topic  Gun Safety
    Wednesday  Shooting Lab
    Thursday  Sig 27 cars
    Friday  Presentations  Topic 1
    Tuesday  Traffic stops info and notes.  Log ins for ILOD  Chapter 1  PDF Chapter 1 Traffic
    Wednesday  First Traffic Stop
    Thursday   Work on Chapter 1 Traffic  Work sheet and Computer Topics 3 
    Friday  Hand Cuffing   State police