• Rules and Regulations

    Standard of Conduct:

    It is expected that the Restart staff and students will be able to work together in an environment of respect and self-discipline.  Inappropriate behavior may result in reprimands, probation, referral to special community programs, parent conferences, or termination.  Grounds for termination include, but are not limited to:  interfering with group purpose; damage to, or theft of, program property; damage to, or theft of, personal property; causing or attempting to cause injury to a staff member; hurting a student; threatening another student; carrying a weapon; or being in possession of drugs, and/or paraphernalia.



    Students will attend school each day that school is in session. A student is allowed not more than three (3) days of absences in a semester. An absence will be an absence. A parent/guardian is expected to call the office at (812)-565-5863 by 8 a.m. if their son/daughter will be late or not attending.


    After a student has missed his/her second (2nd) day in the semester, a mandatory attendance meeting will be held with the parent/s and the student. A student will be eliminated upon their fourth (4th) absence and receive a Withdraw Failure for all courses. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration by the Restart staff. 

    Work Experience:

    Work experience is required of all students in Restart.  Each student is required to work a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week.  Students unable to find paid employment for their work experience will volunteer in a not-for-profit agency (i.e., Sans Souci, Salvation Army, etc.).  Students may earn high school credit for work experience.



    Students accepted for enrollment into Restart may use ColumBus tokens to ride free.  Parents may elect to transport their child to and from Restart.  Parents must agree that they will be consistent in providing transportation and understand that any cost will be their responsibility.  Students may provide their own transportation.


     Dress and Grooming:

    Students are expected to dress and groom themselves within the framework of providing decency, cleanliness, and safety. If a style, dress, or grooming appears to be disruptive, inappropriate, or fails to be in accordance with BCYSC regulations; the student will not be permitted to participate in the program.

Last Modified on June 29, 2016