• Admission Requirements

    Admission to Restart will be based upon the recommendation from the student’s home school counselor/dean and acceptance by the Restart staff.
    Program Objectives:


    1.      To develop an Individual Personal Education Plan for each student.

    2.      To provide an opportunity to earn credit in language arts, math,social studies, life skills
          and work skills.

    3.      To allow students to develop a positive sense of self by encouraging an “I can” attitude.

    4.      To enable students to evaluate their own learning and encourage positive personal growth and social/emotional well being.

    5.      To involve the student’s family in their educational and personal growth.

    6.      To offer each student individual success.

    Referral Process:


    1.      The student’s home school must refer the student for possible enrollment in Restart. Please send referral to Angie Ulm at McDowell.

    2.      Restart staff will interview the student and their parent/guardian to determine if the referral is appropriate.

    3.      If the student is accepted into Restart, a Personal Education Plan will be developed by the student, parent/guardian, home school staff, Restart staff and any person with a direct interest in the student.

    A student will be dismissed from Restart if he/she does not follow the Rules and Regulations set forth by the program.

Last Modified on August 2, 2018