Alternative High School - Referral Form



    (Student Profile)

    ·   Student intends to withdraw before graduation

    ·    Student has failed to  comply academically and would benefit from the alternative educational program

    ·   Student is a parent or expectant parent and is unable to attend the traditional school

    ·    Student is employed and employment is necessary for support and interferes with the traditional school day

    ·   Student feels disconnected/disengaged from traditional school setting



    (Home School Collaboration)

    ·    Referred by home school after being counseled as to reason for the path

    ·    Student intake process: Alternative and home school staff collaborate in the intake process and meet with parent/guardian and student to go over goals, expectations with student and parent, set schedule, develop Individualized Success Plan

    ·    Students have the option to remain at McDowell if they choose to stay in the smaller learning community and have been successful at McDowell.

    ·    Students must meet  the “student profile” (see above) criteria:

    ·    Students entering McDowell will keep earned credits from his/her home high school and a plan for remaining classes and testing required for graduation will be sent from the home school to McDowell.

    Other Information: 
    • Bus transportation is offered to/from McDowell to all 3 high schools
    • McDowell doesn't offer elective credits, those credits will need to be taken at the students home school
    • Students are expectant to attend their home school the other half of the day
    • The McDowell Alternative Program is NOT a alternative to suspension or expulsion
    • Students must meant same graduation guidelines that are required by BCSC and the State of Indiana.









Last Modified on October 2, 2017