• Some of the things I like to do

    I think Family is the most important thing on my list.
    me and nila   wed  41
           My wife and best friend                                 Brittany and Nila at her wedding 2010        My Wife and I during Holidays
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    Me and 2 of my grand daughters      My Mother in law Pat                     2016 Muzzle Loader Deer
                                          I love to Ride my Motocross Bike at home.  
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    Love to work out.  See video benching 355     Bench 355   Click on Blue to see.
                                             I love being outdoors with my family and friends
    me and gabby   gabby  deer  me gabby
    Me and Gabby 2015                     Blood on the leaves       Gabby found 1st deer  2015      Me and Gabby Opening day 
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    Camping River                     4-Wheeler Riding                 Porch Swing Fun                     Nephews Deer                  Sky at Night from my home
    I attended Trafalgar elementary grade school. 
    I then went to Indian Creek Jr. High. 
    I was the last class to attend this school before the demolition of it.


    I was the first class to graduate from 8th grade at the new Middle School attached to the High School.


    I then finished my High School at Indian Creek Sr. High. 
    I also attended C-9 Vocation business school. 
    My Jr. Year I placed 3 in the nation in marketing competition in Florida.


    I later attended Indiana State University.  (The other Indiana school) in Terre Haute

    Graduated in 1985 with a BS in Technology Ed. 


    I was first employed by Speedway High School in 1985.  I taught there until the summer of 1998. 


    I went from a small school to this HUGE Columbus North  now I am at Columbus East and what a great opportunity to meet new staff and a new group of students. 
    This is where I plan on retiring from. 


    Degrees / Certifications:


    ISU  BS  Technology Ed.

    ISU Master Human Resource

    Master Cam Certification

    Private Pilot

    Auto Cad certification

    ILEA Primary Instructor Law Enforcement

    Deputy Sheriff  (Ret.)

    Adjunct faculty IU

    Adjunct Faculty Vin University

    Adjunct Faculty Purdue University

    Adjunct Faculty Ivy Tech University