• Thanks to everyone from students, Youthcamp, Staff that have made the program what it was.  I am no longer teaching HIP/IUS now.  It has been a great memory and teaching experience for me.

                                  THANKS, NOVIE

    View From the sky for Bridge    First stage of suspension bridge


    Video of kids working. Video may take time to load from server.

    Mixing Concrete   Click on to view video

    Getting Cable Strung  Students getting cable ready

    Ben Rapping to cable day  Student excited about cable on bridge

    Going to Bridge  Getting to Bridge site

    Bridge Done Walk Across   Walking across the bridge

    Pictures of Students working on bridge

    Cutting Cable                Rolling Cable

    Pic of cutting the cable                             Rolling out cable across lagoon

      pt      p

    Getting the Planks to bridge

    pp  qq

    Getting Planks ready to install         Installing cable onto the planks

    ww   ee

    Cutting cable with grinder                  Is this safe to walk on ?

    ss   ff

    Mr. Novak helping student                 This is like threading a needle

        bb   jj

           Picture from the side of bridge         Picture as you start to walk

                                     Bridge done on October 27 2009

    2008-09 Welcome Center

    Below New Bridge 2009-2010


    The New IUS will be working on projects at Youth Camp starting at the end of August and will continue through
    October.  Planned ending date will be around Fall Break
    220        200
    Installing door in Welcome Center         Doors Done on West side