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    We are very excited to announce that our Smith families raised over $2000 last school year through BoxTops!!
    This year, I have a school goal set for $2,500.00 for boxtops.
    If we reach this goal, we will add a new inflatable to play on at Field Day!!
    Lets make this a great year again!!
    Please remember to attach your boxtops with tape or glue to the sheets sent home with the kiddos!!
    Please do NOT staple them.
    If you do not have a sheet then just send them in a baggie and we will get them taken care of!!!
    Keep up the good work Smith Families!!!
    Thanks for participating in the challenge!!
    We are BUILDING OUR PTO FUND to help students, teachers and families in the future!!! 
    Thanks for all of your hard work!!!
     Contest Now - Oct 27
Last Modified on July 11, 2017