• Physical Education Policies At

    L. Frances Smith Elementary School

    All students are required to wear an athletic type of tennis shoe for PE classes at Smith.
    If this causes a financial hardship for any families they need to contact the school and make Mrs. Smith aware of the situation.
    Students lose points on their daily grade when they do not have their tennis shoes for PE class.
    After 3 times a student has not had tennis shoes in a 9 week period a worksheet is assigned.  If the student grade drops below a "B" a progress report is sent home for parents so that they are aware of the effect on the student's grade (not having materials for class). 
    Parents/guardians are asked to familiarize themselves with student schedules so they are aware which day their child has PE, and needs to wear tennis shoes.  Unlike some other elementary schools Smith Elementary does not change the PE schedule throughout the year, and the schedule is usually set in August.  
    All students are expected to participate in their PE class unless a note from a parent/guardian or doctor is sent with the child indicating an illness or injury that would prevent them from being active. 
    If a doctor has given the student a medical statement that the child cannot have physical education, then the school nurse (Mrs. Gohn) must then get a copy this, AND of the doctor statement releasing the child, indicating that it is okay for the student to be active in PE class again once the student is better.
    Classroom rules in PE are very similar to those in other Smith Elem. classrooms revolving around respect, responsibility, & safety.  If a student has trouble following a rule, and does not pay attention to reminders to correct his/her behavior then he/she will spend some time in a time-out inside the gymnasium area.  After a few minutes Mrs. Smith and the student will discuss what happened, what needs to happen for teaching and learning to take place, what the student might do differently next time if the same thing happened again another day.  If there is a more serious problem the consequence would follow the PBS (school wide Positive Behavior Systems program) and the student would go to another classroom with written work to complete to process the choices made.  If the behavior is the on the more severe level that Smith recognizes then the student would be referred straight to the office to see Mrs. Hack the principal.  The student may also need to go to see Mrs. Hack if he/she has repeatedly engaged in behaviors that are disruptive to teaching and/or the education of the other students in the class, has done  processing worksheets regarding the behaviors, and changes are not ocurring to increase better choices.
Last Modified on March 11, 2010