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    L. Frances Smith's Physical Education program is one that is designed to be developmentally appropriate. This means that students are taught and challenged to do things that are age and grade level appropriate. Students are taught the correct pattern of gross motor skills to practice, and use while engaged in sport lead-up activities and games. Students are encouraged and instructed to progress through movement patterns with the outcome goal set that a student is be able to demonstrate the "mature (correct) movement pattern" using coordination, balance, speed, agility,and power. While competition is not the focus, students are directly engaged in positive relationships to encourage each other, and to develop a healthy attitude of constructive competition.
    Physical activity is a key part of a child's development. In addition to supporting healthy bone, and muscle development It allows them to express themselves, as well as to problem solve, release energy and stress as well as to form healthy peer relationships.  The American Pediatrics Association recommends that elementary aged children get 60 minutes of strenuous physical activity each day.

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