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Tools for Teachers






ESP -Elementary Science Activities-  - NY 

Elementary Science Support CenterPurdue Univ. 

Visit the Rainfores t- by Arthur Elementary-Hear sounds of the rainforest, take a virtual tour and much more. 

The Puzzle Corner - Science puzzles  galore.

Mother Nature's Fan Club - A site for environmental education 

Exploratorium - Museum of science , art and human perception.  Great site- science based but interdisciplinary. 
for teachers and students. 

Science Exploratorium at the Ruth Cote Clemente Science  Center from the Brevard Museum of Art and Science - This site has online quizzes suitable for elementary science dealing with earth science, weather, oceans, space and physics. Suitable for elementary . 

Bridges to the Classroom -Designing and building a bridge to withstand earthquakes is no easy challenge. Explore the science, technology and people involved in the new Oakland Bay Bridge with these interactive learning modules and simulations! (Fifth grade and up) 

Illusions - from Sandlotscience- incorporating science into fun games and illusions. 

Simple Machines - from Edheads. Gread interactive- self directed site to learn about gears, levers, etc. 

Make a Splash with Color- by the Tech- This is a great site to learn about the eyes and the perception of color. Alot of info and diagrams. 

Fall Leaves- by Science Made Simple- Why do leaves change color- a good visual. 

Wavemaking Machine- by Protozone.  Uses math and science and art concepts 






World Fact BookIncludes maps and facts prepared for government officials by the CIA 

Native American Links :  


Images from China - requires flash. 

Humanities Interactive -Interactive exhibits, games and lessons. 

Make a Mummy - Learn about the burial practices in Egypt:  this interactive website has a  teacher guide, and a student guided tour ( and more).  It is a component of a unit titled " The Writing Revolution in the Ancient World." Great site. 

Discovers Web - This site has information of the voyagers who made discoveries. It begins with the first explorers, including Egypt and Crete and moves to more modern explorers. 

Mrs. Donn's Daily Life Site Index . - Kid Friendly- site on Ancient civilizations. Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc. 

Capitolium -Live Roman Webcam- Two special motorized cameras allow you to "be" on the terrace of the Palazzo Senatorio, in the piazza of the Campidoglio. The view of the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forums, Saint Peter and a great part of Rome itself (including the Coliseum) is breathtaking. 

Discover the World - The British Museum provides opportunities to learn about Africa, The Americas, Asia, Britain, Egypt, Europe, Greece, Japan, Pacific Rim and Rome.  ( This is one of my favorite sites) 

Ancient Civilizations - virtual tour- made by Wm. Penn Charter School 

The Children's Compass from the British Museum - Educational and entertaining- quality site.

The Guardian's Egypt - This site features a cyber Journey and has alot of info. Also heiroglyphic clip art. 
Has a kid-friendly portion. Also has virtual tours of  some pyramids. 

Eternal Egypt- Very good site, for students and educators.  Provides interactives and virtual
views of tombs, artifacts, etc.

Theban Mapping Project- Extensive site with maps of Egyptian archeology sites. 

Tours from the British Museum - See artifacts and play games such as senet, chess and parchisi, mancala and others. 

Whitman Museum - Pioneer resources and cross-curricular activities:The Oregon Trail

Archeology Projects by Earthwatch Institute- includes a frontier garden, Mammoth Cave, Lost Civilizations of the Amazon, Sugar and Slavery,  Roman Fort on the Tyne, Jackson Hole Bison Dig, Utah Canyon Rock Art and more.

Middle Ages -From Learner.org- Overview of life in the Middle Ages (See also " Tales of the Middle Ages" under language arts)

Rose Windows -From Earthlore Cultural Resources- See examples of Rose windows, history and links to other medieval  subjects.

Virtual Rennaissance - Thinkquest.org. webquest format and student friendly.

Mythography - Learn about the mythology of Greece, Rome, and Celtic Cultures

Colonial America -Cross curricular from Education World.

Underground Railroad by National Geographic- Mainly self-directed- a good site for students in  the computer 
lab.  Well done. 

Oregon Trail- By the Whitman Museum - Teacher's guide and cross-curricular lessons 

Perspectives on Liberty - hosted by PBS has interactives and information pertaining to colonial times.

Documents of  Freedom -  Declaration of Independence, Articles of the Confederation, Pledge of Alleigance, etc. 
hosted by history.org

50 States -Maps, Worksheets, Flashcards, and more. Teaching and homework help resource for state report assignments. State flags, songs, symbols. This site is the premier resource of state information for students, teachers, and their parents. Featured in the 2003 Educators Road Map to the Web by The Journal. 

Latitude - Features everything related to the  exploration of ships circumnavigating the globe in the 1500's 

World Myths and Legends Through Art - Interactive, quality site by eduweb. Myths are stories that explain why the world is the way it is. Throughout history, artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form. Explore myths and legends from around the world with these great works of art and in-depth interpretation and interactive features. 6th Grade 

Trading Around the World- An interactive site set up by the International Monetary fund.  Buy, sell, or trade goods from your country to buyers and sellers from other countries.  6th grade and up. 

Where in the World and What in the World is Money? buy the International Monetary Fund Throughout history and around the globe, many different things have served as money. This game takes you on a time-travel journey to many times and places in history. At each stop, *you* have to figure out what counts as money in order to get home! 

Incredible Art Resources - Links to many cultures around the world. Internet lesson on African Art - and more. 

Government for Kids-  A wite for students to learn the various branches of government and their functions.

History for Kids
- User friendly, extensive and geared for students. Includes sections on Art, Science, games, government, economics, food, clothing, philosophy, war, liturature, architecture,  environment, people and religion.






PBS Online   Resource guide for teachers

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute - Curriculum Resources 

TeacherVision - Interdisciplinary Resources (elementary level) 

Marco Polo -Internet content for the classroom 

PotoGold - resource links  for students and teachers

Harcourt School - Site Map for resources from Harcourt Brace- some free activities and printables

Getty Education Resource - for interdisciplinary studies 

World Music Links - Access to sites for world music

Busy Teachers Website - All subjects and grades

Artsedge- by the Kennedy Center for the Arts- Curriculum and teaching ideas/

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Multiple Intelligences

What are the Multiple Intelligences?

Interactive site on MI.- by Surfaquarium. Visual and easy to understand. 

Visual Map of Multiple Intelligences - Has links to activities and descriptions. 

Visual Learning
- Web resources and links for teachers.  Helps teachers with materials for visual learning. 

Links and Resources from Little River School on MI. Very helpful. 

Blooms Taxonomy-  Benjamin Bloom created this taxonomy for categorizing level of abstraction of questions that commonly occur in educational settings. The taxonomy provides a useful structure in which to categorize test questions 






Webquest Matrix -samples of many webquests 

Webquest about webquests for elementary- by Bernie Dodge 

Deserts of the World - webquest ( has a Spanish version) 

Just , For Kids, - Create, Webquests, Think About It,  Online Gallery,  etc. 

Webquest Search Page - searches by subject- from sdsu.edu 

Hide and Seek in the Amazon Rainforest - from ProTeacher.com 

Life in Colonial Times - Very nice webquest for elementary students 

Medieval Times Webquest- Your role in  medieval times

U. S. History -Curriculum Aligned webquests for 4th and 5th gr. Social Studies- extensive

3rd through 6th Webquests - all subjects- alot to choose from, including the underground railroad, volcanoes, 
ancient civilizations, the environment, and more.

Famous  Paintings and Artist s -Many artists written for elementary students.

How Stuff Works - Different topics ie: quicksand, digital cameras

Butterflies Webquest - On the Inspiration website. Suitable for K-3. 

Webquest on Money- Learn about money 

Printables- from Highlights Activity village- Seasons, animals, math, etc 






Technology for Kids

Whiteboard lessons
- interactive lessons- core subjects

Technology quiz
- online-from school resources-uk

Enchanted learning- color in the mice online.

Kids Hub is
a noncommercial educational portal for upper elementary school and middle school students. It features free online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes. This web site is and will remain free to the public and free of advertisements. There is no registration and visitors are not tracked. Most of the online activities featured on this site require the free  subscription.

The Artists Toolkit- By Artsconnected.org.  Interactive site explores the principles and elements of art and allows students to create art. 

Internet 4Classrooms
-Links to Math, Language arts, Social Studies and Science online learning for students.

Interactive - from Abiator's Classroom online:math, reading, language arts science, social studies, etc. suitable for 1-6

BillyBear4Kids -Zoo animal word search using drop and drag. Great interactive site with word games, jugsaw puzzles, coloring, etc. K-3rd. 
- interactive site hosted by National Geographic that lets you  go places like a volcano, etc.

Butterflies Webquest - . Suitable for K-3. 

Colonial/ Human body, Simple Machines- Links to use in the computer Lab.  You'll like this site. 

SurfnetKids - games/math,etc

Online educational
game listings- all grades.






Kinderstart - Contains information on various subjects covered in kindergarten, background resources and links to other kindergarten sites.

Shape Books -Free printable patterns and coloring pages including animals, nature, shapes, sports, traffic signs, and much more. Try our FREE ready-made skill books, poem forms, or make your own worksheets, word wall words, and report covers, etc. Members section offers more options. 

DLTK -Bulletin Board Ideas and printable mini-books. Plus printable resources for ABC's, 123's, shapes, colors, sentence sequencing, scissor skills and story sequencing. Also includes our popular Children's Book Breaks printables. Everything is FREE!! 

Butterflies Webquest - On the Inspiration website. Suitable for K-3. 






Pre-K Sites of Interest

No Line Coloring - Letters, plants, animals people 

ABCbabysit .com- in spite of the name of the site, it has some worthwhile resources for early childhood. 
  This site offers free printable activity pages for pre-school and early elementary kids, babysitters, teachers, parents, and grandparents. Included are color pages, mazes, word puzzles, forms, holiday activities and many craft projects. 

FirstSchool -  Free preschool and kindergarten resources for home schooling, educators, child care providers & baby-sitters. Lesson plans, themes, printable crafts, activity worksheets, coloring pages, holiday and events calendar. 

Printables- from Highlights Activity village- Seasons, animals, math, etc. 






Virtual Tours-Field Trips( I have found it best to always preview a field trip or tour before taking students there.)

Virtual England- by the BBC- tour castles, cathedrals, Roman walls, and more.

Roman Mosaics- View mosaics  from Fishbourne

BBC multimedia presentations- index- Rome, Egyptian, historical.

Irish castles- in Quicktime
Ashford Castle, Blarney Castle, Leamaneh Castle, and The Rock of Cashel

Trinity Church - Boston- a panorama

Spain- World Heritage sities- explore cultures, peoples, cities, etc.

Gothic  Archetecture- List from  New York Carver.

Tower of London Tour-

Whales - pictures- from Cline Marine

Amiens Cathedral- panarama view of the interior


Mysterious Places- Visit places like Stonehenge, Easter Island, 

Guardians Egypt- tour pyramids, tombs and temples. 

Virtual Egypt- Wxhibitions and animated clips. Mummy Maker 

Eternal Egypt- Very good site, for students and educators.  Provides interactives and virtual 

views of tombs, artifacts, etc. 

Earthquake- a virtual rendering with animation 

The Teacher's Guide of virtual fieldtrips. Many to choose from.

NGA.gov- Virtual tours.

Van Gogh virtual tour of his work. 

NewYorkCarvers-  tours relating to medieval  subject matter.   HOME Cathedral Tours 
Stone Carver's Tour, Castle Tours, Medieval Art Tours, Virtual Abbey, Gothic Field Guide 

Gothic Geometry. ( preview first) 

Homeschool virtual tours- List of tours and field trips . 

Artist /artwork tours- includes Calder, Rembrandt, Rothko, Remington, Moran, Degas and many more. 






Curriculum  Map

Curriculum Map Database from Fayette County Schools

Elementary Curriculum Maps from Spotsylvania School District.  Downloadable format 

Curriculum maps-All subjects from Litchfield AZ schools






Creativity Sites

Thinking Outside of the Box - A website on creativity as well as links to Thinkquests for each country. 






Bulletin Board Ideas

Discovery School's list of bulletin board sites

4 Teachers- site of elementary bulletin board ideas 

Kim's Corner- Bulletin Board ideas 

Education World-






Award Sites- Make your own-
Here's the home page- lots of things

Tooter for Kids-


more- larger- included citizenship and volunteer awards


More upscale


Brainy B, etty has some

And from teach-nology


W. D. Richards Elementary School- Teachers' Resources

Tools for Teaching  Resource Links  Lesson Plans  Writing Sites   Language Arts
Math Links  Science Links  Social Studies  Curriculum Resources  Multiple Intelligences  Elementary Webquests  Technology for Kids  Kindergarten Links   Pre-K Resources
Virtual Tours   Curriculum Mapping  Creativity Bulletin Board Ideas 

Four Blocks- Resources

FOUR BLOCK READING RESOURCES Balanced Literacy – includes Chat Board, Articles, and Links


Teacher made resources for using 4 Blocks- from Teacher net


Lots of resources here from Gigglepotz


4 Blocks for the upper grades


4 Blocks links from Kenton County Kentucky

 Internet Sites that Promote the use of Trade Books for Language Arts Learning Pam Petty- lets you know what books are must haves.

 Lessons and resources for writing component


 Tools for Teaching

( Seealso: Resources for many printables, online books, all subjects, online educational games, etc.) 

Teachers First- A site built for teachers' with plans, resources, strategies, ets.  Worth a look.

Educational worksheets- flashcards, bingo boards, worksheets, etc.

Teaching Forms- graph paper, letters home, behavior, attendance, etc. 
Divided into four areas: Academic, Discipline, Communication and "Other". 

Homeworkopolyboard- download here 

Graphic Organizers- Graphic organizers to help students retain and organize information.

Graphic organizers- Elementary- by BjBarton-

Conversion Tools-  Conversion of measurement, etc. 

TeachNet- Tools for Busy Teachers 

Discovery School- Teaching tools, printables, puzzlemaker and more.

- Math, Writing, Social Studies

Educator Web Tools  - Assessment Rubrics- 

The Staff Room- Ontario Teacher site: rubrics and many other resources 

Web 4 Teachers- Good site for tools, assessments and  more. Rubric generator. 

Elementary Teacher Links- Site for elementary teachers- everything linked from here. Comprehensive and good place to start if you are looking for something. 

GrammerSlammer- grammar help for teachers with questions about proper usage 

One Stop English- grammar help for teachers

Free Mini Posters- Of the motivational genre by FableVision art by Peter Reynolds. 

Test Prep for SSP- K-5 online tests and tutorials available. Lang Arts ( ELA ), Math and Writing 


Classroom Management
- Resource site from Cal State- lots of resources- scroll down

Intervention Central- Intervention Central offers free tools and resources to help school staff and parents to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for all children and youth.

Behavior Advisor-This site offers THOUSANDS of tips on managing student behavior, and provides step-by-step directions for implementing a great number of standard interventions.  It also contains a bulletin board on which you can post
your disciplinary concerns and receive suggestions from teachers around the world.

Resource Links

Global School House-Many resources for teachers ( all grade levels) 

Ten biggest Mistakes made by Teachers- from  Cal State which includes resources for positive models

CityTownInfo-CityTownInfo.com  is a collection of information on U.S. cities and towns.  The site includes almanac-like reference data, property statistics, local weather reports, links to the official city web sites and maps for about 3500 cities.  The site also includes a summary article on about 50 major cities.

Free things for your Classroom_ from Iloveschools.com. Sign up here-

 What I Wish I'd Known When I Was a New Teacher   For New Teachers 

Ice Breakers- List of Ice Breakers for the first day of school. 

Teacher Linksfrom Bristol Tennessee Schools- Links to ERIC, Smithsonian, ZooNet, Roachworld, Classroom Connect, Education Journal Weekly, American Sign Language, Teachers Helping Teachers, Teachers and Technology, Exploratorium, and many more. 

Chronical of Higher Education- extensive link site 

Glossary of Instructional Strategies

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence.-All subjects/All grades

Printables- Math, Writing, Social Studies 

Research website-List of online libraries covering many topics. 

Webquest.org  samples of many webquests 

ESLFree Translation- translates notes or words.  Copy and paste homework assignments, etc.



- Worksheets/Lessons-Boggle's World is a resource site for TEFL and ESL teachers who teach elementary and middle school English, ESL and EFL to kids. Just click, print, and copy.

LanternFish-- Help for ESL students 

Resources to learn and teach English -For ESL/EFL learners/teachers: Courses, documents, games, exercises, tests, interactive pages, plays, fonts, cliparts, photos, jokes, cartoons, chat rooms, forums... Recommended by dozens of famous sites. *** 

ESL Discussion center - Grammer- hosted by Dave Spurling for elementary education teachers and students.

Resources in Spanish for teachers and students from Web 4  Teachers

Eduscapes - this site contains resources on all subject areas and contains information and activities for animals, 100th Day, and many other themes.

ABC-Teach - over 5000 printables for use in the classroom with resources for thematic teaching, 
word puzzles, writing forms, book report forms,math, ideas, lessons and much more. Great for new teachers, student teachers , homeschooling and teachers who like creative ways to teach. 

Ed Helper - All subjects, grades, lesson plans.The site designed for teachers. Thousands of free worksheets, over 10,000 searchable lesson plans, thousands of webquests educational programs, and more. Spelling and Vocabulary Tools! Critical Thinking Worksheets! Build Puzzles! Try edHelper.com, you'll like it! 

A-Z Teacher Stuff -Online since 1997  Lots of printables, like free desk- name plates: More than 200 original lesson plans, 50+ teaching themes, resources for building thematic units & finding seasonal activities, teacher tips, discussion boards, articles, educational sites, printables, and more! 

4toExplore- Thematic Pathfinders for all ages

DLTK -Bulletin Board Ideas and printable mini-books. Plus printable resources for ABC's, 123's, shapes, colors, sentence sequencing, scissor skills and story sequencing. Also includes our popular Children's Book Breaks printables. Everything is FREE!! 

Rebus Pages- From Teaching ideas- also has lesson plans for all subjects. 

Martin Luther King- sites

MLKonline-Speeches, biography and more  
US Constitution online- I have a Dream Speech




Lesson Plan Page - All grades and subject 

Indiana's Academic Resoures page .  Lesson plans that directly meet the Indiana State Standard 

Lesson Locator -Lessons for Indiana's standards 

Writing Sites

( There are many more rubrics available under resources section) 

Writing  Rubrics from the Bristol Tennessee Schools - Many grade levels. 

Writing Rubrics 3-6th Grade 

6 Traits from ProTeacher 

6 Trait writing Model

Games for Practicing Basic Skills , including spelling, writing, reading and math ( elementary level ) 

PuzzleConnection - Word games 

Writing Prompts - by CanTeach: has a list of writing prompts. 

Writing prompts - by ProTeacher- your typical prompts 

Expository Writing Prompts - Also has a place to submit your own. 

Assessment /Writing - K-6- Alot of writing help. 

Using art  as a writing prompt - from the National Council of Teachers of English- give examples of incorporating art into the creative writing process.  Also has links and alot more- elementary through high school. 

Teacher's Closet - Writing plans  as well as section on journaling, poetry, historical fiction, etc. links 
activity suggestions and  visuals to use as writing prompts. 

Hamburger model for persuasive writing- gr 3-5 

KidNews .com- site for kids to submit writing. 

Writing Resources- a large list of resources pertaining to the teaching of writing. 

Test Prep for SSP- K-5 online tests and tutorials available. Lang Arts ( ELA ), Math and Writing 

6th Grade -online mini tutorials and tests. 


Math Link

Math Dance -Classroom activities for teaching mathematics and performing arts through whole body movement 

Harcourt Brace Sample activities-Math Bingo, Flash Cards, One Hundred Mile Sled Race 

Harcourt Brace Math Activities - Site page for math activities. 

Discovery.com - Math lesson plans for all grades. 

Creative Math - in English and Spanish: Online lessons K-8: Breaking Away from the Mathbook by Reach Every Child 

Math Forum - ( Grade two featured here) A site that is being re-vamped, but has extensiove resources.  This is for grade two, but you may browse from there for other grade levels. K-12 

MathForum Home - Links to all grade levels 

AAAMath- Has all components of math for elementary.  Large site. 

Math. com -  From the Goudreau Museum of math.  Comprehensive math site with homework help included. Calculators, converters, prime numbers, graphs.  The Goudreau Museum shows math's interconnectedness 
with science, art , music and the humanities. 

4th and 5th grade Student resources for math- for kids. Extensive/good 

KidsMath.com- Online interactive math with problems for elementary students 

Cartography and Math - from Navigator, studies the application of math in making maps during the age of exploration. 

Roll the Dice- Interactive online- Probability 

Webquest on Money- Learn about money 

Cyber Challenge-  by 4Classrooms- Interactive Math suitable for 4th gr.  



Funschool Math Games- Online interactive math. Probability 

Protozone- Geometric shapes, symmetry through the use of hi-tech visuals.  Personal favorite. 

Test Prep for SSP- K-5 online tests and tutorials available. Lang Arts ( ELA ), Math and Writing 

Visual Fractions- Online fraction activities

Internet 4 Kids- online interactive math- includes fractions and graphs .

Fraction puzzle from ez school-Click the square and match fraction equivilants to make a picture

Interactive fractions- shading in areas to demonstrate the correct fraction.

Tangrams -interactive -online 

6th Grade Math tutorials and test prep- from Oswego school dist. Online or printable. 

Interactive Clocks- from Time for Time:

Time:- Learning/ interactive site from the UK

Time - enrichment: Foulcault's Pendulum and more


Language Arts
English Resources ( Paul Cockcroft's)- Grammer resources in PDF and HTML

Author Interviews - Online authors and illustrators of children's books  give interviews.


Shakespere is Elementary 

Starfall - early reading- interactive books with sound 

Children's Story Books - To read or listen/ also includes riddles, a maze and coloring book 

The Moonlit Road - ( Member of the Story Telling Ring of online storytellers) Stories from the South: Chancy Fox, The Wampas Mask, The Promise, the Hall of Wonders, told by storytellers or read aloud.  Needs realplayer- Grades 4+ 

Story Arts Online -Designed for teachers, contains curriculum links, lessons, idea exchange and more- Elementary level 

Prince Applehead Humpledink_ Online story

Stories of the NorthwestCoast - retold by Native American, Johnny Moses: includes The Tears are Her Seeds, 
Grandmother Cedar Tree and The Boogie Woman Story 

Fairrosa Cyber Library of Childrens's Liturature 

Native American Authors Online - Some use real audio to hear the storytellers tell stories 

Farmhouse Fables- Stories about barnyard animals.

Chunky Mo0nkey- Stories for young readers

Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies- Online story for intermediate readers.

 Zeus Speaks -Here is a great interactive online study of Greek mythology. This is an interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages history research and reinforcement of concepts through drama and creative writing. It is highly interactive and lots of fun. Click on Greek Mythology Resources for great mythology links. 

Legend of the Dragon - Interactive story of the Legend of the Dragon in Chinese culture- great illustrations- elementary level 

Tales of the Middle Ages - Fables, true stories and anecdotes from the Middle Ages

Reading Key - Printables for remediation. Some free downloads. Includes alphabet worksheets, phonics worksheets and word wall resources. K-5

Rhyme Zone - This site lets you type in a word to find rhymes using that word.  Also features Mother Goose, Shakespere, quotations, nouns, adjectives, verbs and more.

Children's Liturature on the Web - A site with links to online books, authors and everything literary

International Children's Digital Library -Ebooks online from the Maryland University's Human-Computer Interactive Lab.

Ghost Forrest -Here you can find a lot of free educational games, screen savers, desktop wallpapers, coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, comics and cartoons. Plus a children's fantasy novel. Free download. 

Liturature Learning Ladders - Full of things to do to enhance the reading process- fun and extensive.

Reading and Language Arts Projects -Large list of projects.

Shape Books -Free printable patterns and coloring pages including animals, nature, shapes, sports, traffic signs, and much more. Try our FREE ready-made skill books, poem forms, or make your own worksheets, word wall words, and report covers, etc. Members section offers more options. 

Seussville- Word games, interactive, online -K-4th

Teacher resources for Dr. Seuss

DLTK -Bulletin Board Ideas and printable mini-books. Plus printable resources for ABC's, 123's, shapes, colors, sentence sequencing, scissor skills and story sequencing. Also includes our popular Children's Book Breaks printables. Everything is FREE!! 

Annagrams- Make your own or learn about given examples. 

Language Arts Mini Lessons for SSP- Paragraphs, creative writing, and alot more. 

Language Arts Mini Lessons- Lesson plans 

Pronouns- All on pronouns 

Test online Language arts- K-4 From Oswego School District in New York.  Excellent.- good for ssp. 

Online Test Prep. All Subjects- including Genres 

By Grade levels- SSP- Reading Writing, Math , etc.- Science is still under construction.

6th Grade - online tutorials and mini assessments

Stories online about animals-from Scottland.  Readable with some illustrations.




click hereReadingLady.Com's 4 Blocks Site 
click hereSaxon Phonics Supplemental Teaching Materials 

click hereTeacher Resource Booklet - Phonics K-2 

click herePhonics Literature Extensions - K 

click herePhonics Literature Extensions - 1 

click herePhonics Literature Extensions - 2 

click herePhonics 1 Homework Help for Parents 

click herePhonics 2 Homework Help for Parents 

click herePhonics Online Actvities for Students 






Science Links




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