Mrs. Anderson’s

    Kindergarten Information Packet

    Arrival and Departure

    The tardy bell rings at 8:10 a.m.  The doors do not open until 8:00 a.m. unless your child is having breakfast at school.  Students may come into the building at 7:45 a.m. if they need to eat breakfast.    They will go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast.  Breakfast costs $1.25.  If they finish breakfast before the 8:00 bell, they will go back outside to wait for it. PLEASE do not drop your child off before 7:45.  There is not an adult on duty.  Children will wait outside until 8:00, weather permitting.

    If your child is a bus rider, the bus will drop off and pick up your child at the main entrance in the front of the school.  Your child is to walk to our room using the second and third grade hallway.  At dismissal time, the kindergarten children are placed on the bus before the older children are dismissed.

    If your child is a walker, he/she needs to come in the main entrance and then walk to our room the same as the bus riders.  At dismissal time, your child will be placed on the benches in the front entrance where siblings or friends can find them to walk them home.

    If your child will be a car rider, please pull your car around the circle drive at the back of the school and remain in your car.  A teacher will help your child get out of the car.  At dismissal time, pull your car around the circle drive and remain in your car.  We will put your child in your car.  We ask you to be patient and wait your turn in line.   Thanks!



    Attendance is the key to success in school.  We do many daily routines that help your child learn.  Please send your child to school on time each and every day unless they are ill.



    We will celebrate birthdays on or as close as possible to your child’s birthday during our circle time.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate his or her birthday in May.  You may bring in a special snack (store bought) or treat for the celebration.  No invitations may be passed out at school.

    Book Orders

    I will send home Scholastic book orders almost every month.  There may be several order forms.  However, you only need to write one check made payable to Scholastic.  This is optional; however, they are great books at an even better price.  When you buy books, we earn more books for our classroom.                                                              


    School phone number  376-4311

    Kelly Anderson

    Room Number 405

    Extension 1405

    Email address  andersonk@bcsc.k12.in.us

    Web site  www.bcsc.k12.in.us   Then find Richards. Click on Faculty.  Click on my name.  There are fun websites your children can play on at home on the website.  Check them out!

    If you need to communicate with me in the morning, you can write a note and put it in the Homework Folder, send an email or call.  Please be sure to call school or write me a note if your child will be going home a different way from their usual mode of transportation.  I don’t always get a chance to check email during the day! So email is not the best way to inform me of a transportation change. Thanks! 

    Extra Clothes

    It is very important that your child has an extra set of clothes in a clear, labeled Ziploc bag.  These will be kept in the backpacks.  Also, please send your child in clothes that are appropriate for the weather.   I prefer the children wear tennis shoes, so they can enjoy playing and running safely.  Tennis shoes are a MUST on gym day!  Flip flops are unsafe on the playground and they do break occasionally.

    Field Trips

    We will go on several field trips throughout the year.  Parents are asked to help fund the field trips.  Information will always come home on the field trip ahead of time, along with the amount of the trip and permission slip.  Please send the form and money back by the due date.  On field trips we do ask for parent volunteers to help chaperone.  If you plan to help out with this or other school activities, you MUST fill out a Criminal Background form in the office.  These take some time to get back, so I suggest you do it early in the year!


    Your child will have homework each day Monday through Thursday.  Most of the homework should take 10 – 15 minutes.  I encourage you to sit down with your child while he/she completes the work.  Homework may consist of flash cards, handwriting, reading, or math.  Unless it is stated on the paper, the homework should come back to school the next day.   You are setting homework routines now that will be with your child the rest of their school careers!  Give them a special place with all supplies they need.  Make sure they know you think school and homework are important!

    I also strongly suggest you read to your child each and every day!  By hearing you read, they will model you in their own reading by reading fluently and pausing when needed.

    Homework Folder

    Please check your child’s backpack each day.  The Homework folders will come home daily and are to be sent back each day.  It has your child’s discipline sheet as well as any homework in it.  Please send all notes, money (in an envelope and labeled to who and for what) and any other important things you want me to find in the Homework Folder.  The homework folder also contains a zipper bag for you to store sight word cards in.  We will stick the new cards in the bag each Monday.  Please keep them in the bag, so your child can practice them each day.  It is very important that we have these each day.  We start practicing responsibility in kindergarten so we will continue to be responsible in the coming school years!


    If your child is absent for any reason, please call the school office at 376-4311 before 10:00 a.m.  Also, refer to the student handbook on guidelines as to whether you child can come to school when they are sick.  It is VERY important that your child come to school each and every day he/she is able!  When he/she misses school, they miss out on important lessons, discussions, and socialization with classmates.

    Library Books

    You child will be able to check out a book from the school library each week.  Kindergartners do not bring their books home.  We enjoy them in the classroom!


    Your child will be eating lunch at school each day.  He/she may buy his/her lunch for $2.50 each day or bring his/her own nutritious lunch with a beverage (no soda please), or they may purchase milk for $0.45 (This price for milk may change.) When buying lunch, they may choose from the special of the day or two other choices they have for the week, and then select a fruit, vegetable and possible dessert.  Please send lunch money to school in a labeled envelope so that we can send it to the cafeteria.

    Memory Book

    The entire year Mrs. Wang and I will be documenting your child’s growth through photos and writing samples.  We put all of these things in a binder for a Memory Book for you and your child to remember this special year.

    We are accepting donations of $10.00.  We could also use white card stock, special picture glue, and Walgreen’s gift cards for photo developing.  Thank you in advance for your help.

    Newsletter and Calendars

    I will send a calendar each month to keep you informed to as what will be happening each month.  Also, I will send newsletters home each Monday to let you know what we are doing in the classroom and other useful information.

    Positive Behavior Instruction Support or PBIS

    We will be using a discipline system this year. We also give Rave tickets away for students who demonstrate how to A.C.T. (always be respectful, care enough to be responsible, take time to be safe).  After they earn 5 Rave tickets, they can get their Rave Card signed and turn it in to win a prize in the Friday lucky dozen drawing.


    Richards Roster

    This is a folder that will come home on Mondays.  It contains important information from the office and needs to be returned on Tuesday.  We use this folder all year, so please return it!


    We will have a snack each afternoon.  We rely on families to supply the snacks throughout the year.  The snacks need to be store bought, not homemade.  I will have a sign up sheet for each family to select a week to bring in snack that is convenient for them.  I will send home a reminder note with a list of suggested snacks and the amount of snacks needed when your week is approaching.  Please let me know if your child has a food allergy.  Please be sure to send spoons or plates if needed for the snacks.  No drinks are needed!

    I am looking forward to a terrific year!  Kindergarten is an exciting place to be!  Let’s work together to make this a fantastic year! 




Last Modified on December 8, 2016