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    Annie: Grace LaSell

    Molly- Gloria Phillips

    Tessie- Meghna Penmathsa

    July- Brianna Guthrie

    Duffy- Draven Martinez

    Korey- Tristin Nott

    Pepper- Nico Gotoh

    Miss Hannigan- Amelia Maddox

    Grace Ferrell- Kira Streit

    Rooster Hannigan- Luke Dornfeld

    Lily St. Regis- Chloe Rommeck

    Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks- Frankie Polyak

    Drake- Cole Vreeland

    Mrs. Greer- Izzy Munn

    Mrs. Pugh- Kayden Miller

    Annette- Lyric Miller

    Cecille- Kara Buntin

    Bundles McCloskey- Holden Ramsey

    Dog Catcher- Eric Domeij Selvaggi

    Chauffeur- Jayden Blair

    Apple Seller-Kylee Martin

    Lt. Ward- Johnathan Barbieri

    Bert Healy- Cole Stevens

    Sound Effects Man- Isaac Riddle

    Lois Howe- Brynn Stewart

    President Roosevelt- Henry Ulrich

    Starlette- Teehah Zulkifly

    Usherette- Gracie Blair

    NYC Tap Dancers- Amber Gibby, Reese Euler, Carli Freeman







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