Purpose: To encourage students to develop and demonstrate the Eagle Core Values.

    Eagle Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Personal Best, and Honesty



    We are SAFE

    We are HONEST

    We do our PERSONAL BEST

    Any staff member can recognize a student for demonstrating one of the Eagle core values with an Eagle Slip. The Eagle slip program is a way to reward our students and get them excited about being positive role models and good citizens.

    How the Reinforcement Plan works:

    1. Every morning during announcements, an Eagle Core Value will be discussed and an Eagle Core Value will be chosen to target for the weekly drawing.
    2. Explain the reinforcement plan to students and that they can earn an Eagle slip for demonstrating one of the core values in the hallway, classroom, lunchroom, etc. Teachers, administrators, and ancillary staff can give students a drawing entry.
    3. Explain that when students receive an Eagle slip for demonstrating an Eagle Core Value, it can be used for entering the school drawing. Review the information the students fill out on the drawing slip. Only Eagle slips that are completely filled out will be eligible for the drawing.
    4. At this point the student can drop the Eagle slip in the teacher’s box. The teacher puts all the Eagle slips in the main box in the Front Office by the end of the day on Friday for the school drawing. The student may also be allowed to go to the Front Office to drop their Eagle slip in the box.

    The Mt. Healthy Positive Behavior Support Committee conducts the weekly drawing every Monday morning. Winners are announced Monday morning; the student can come choose a prize from the Eagle’s Nest of treasures. Eagle slips will remain in the drawing box for one month. Therefore, they will have four chances to win.