Welcome To Second Grade!!

    Mrs. Hashman and Mrs. Lunsford are excited to start the new school year with you! As your child's new facilitators (teachers) we are looking forward to getting to know your child as a unique individual and watching him/her progress and grow throughout the school year.

    Please do not ever spend a needless night of worry over any concern at school. We are happy to answer your calls or e-mails. We will all be working for the benefit of your child; together, we make up a team.

    In order to save a tree or two, we would like to correspond with you via e-mail or Moodle as much as possible. Please check our Moodle postings for classroom updates, homework assignments, opportunities to volunteer, and announcements.

    The PBL model is based on developing the 21st Century Skills. We are trying to prepare motivated, independent thinkers who can problem solve and collaborate to meet the challenges of the future. Homework will not have as much weight upon grades as the amount of participation and effort put forth by your child. Our grade system will be based on rubrics.

    To keep basic skills sharp, please read for at least 15 minutes with your child and practice math facts nightly. Please understand that your child is unique, with individual abilities and needs. The PBL approach is student driven, so your child's enthusiam for learning and participation will impact individual progress.

    Since we are co-teaching, please remember that we are one second grade family. Consequently, if you wish to send in a store purchased treat for your child's birthday, please note that we currently have 43 family members. A simple, small treat is just as appreciated by the children. Please do not worry about large, elaborate treats.

    Due to our early lunch time of 10:40 to 11:00, we feel it may be necessary to have an afternoon snack at approximately 1:20 right before our recess. If you wish to donate a simple, store purchased, finger snack to our second grade classroom family, please let us know. Also, if your child has any food restrictions, please notify us as soon as possible. We will not start snack-time until our second week together, to ensure the safety of all students.

    On a technology note, your child will have a Dell Netbook assigned to him/her to use daily. This is an exciting part of our program, but with it comes a great responsibility from your child. We will be discussing proper care and usage, as well as, teaching appropriate computer skills.

    Thank You! We are looking forward to a great year of exploring and learning within our beautiful, new environment!






























Last Modified on August 23, 2010