Families who are eligible to receive free/reduced lunches under the National School Lunch Program also qualify for Textbook Assistance, which will pay the textbook rental charges for eligible students.
Parents must submit a completed Free/Reduced lunch application to their child's school for textbook assistance. In order for BCSC to receive textbook reimbursement the applications must be in by October 27. All parents are billed for class fees such as activity fees, towel fees, lab fees, etc.
Free/Reduced lunch applications may be submitted any time of the year to receive lunch assistance.
Below are links to the Free/Reduced application and application instructions.
Updated for the 2017-2018 school year.
Link to Free/Reduced lunch applications in other languages:
Did you know that meal assistance is not just about lunch?  Learn more here.  En Espanol. 
Last Modified on July 14, 2017