What Does Your School Foundation Support?
    We provide leadership on funding innovative new projects and ideas in the school district through grants and awards with a focus on BCSC initiatives and Universal Design for Learning. 
    The opportunity to apply for a School Foundation Innovation Grant has closed for this fall.  Please check back again next semester!   
    2016 Innovation Grant Application: We are looking forward to seeing more great, innovative ideas that are coming from BCSC teachers this year! Here is a copy of the rubric will be using to score the grants: Grant grading rubric
    2014 Innovation Grants: You helped fund over $18,000 in creative ideas that our teachers and schools are came up with for 2014!  It was one of our most innovative group of applications.  Thank you for your support and congratulations to all the recipients.  
    Please click here to see the 2014 BCSF Innovation Grant winners.  Here is a great video showing the results of your support for education!
    The Republic also wrote a great article (pg. A8) about how we are driving Innovation in the community.   
    Ross Wallace "Out of the Box" Innovation Award - intended for an individual or team of employees who have an innovative idea that benefits student learning and improves the teaching process. 

    This year's winning project was “Traveling Thursday” at Taylorsville Elementary School with teacher Mitchel Paswater.
    School Supply Backpacks - this year we are proud to donate $2500 so volunteers can fill backpacks with necessary school supplies for those BCSC students whose families are unable to purchase their own. 
    Equity of Access - Secure funding to limit financial barriers for students who need to pay for tuition, exams, certifications, fees, and books aligned with graduation from high school. 

    calculators in the classroom
    Calculating in the Classroom  - The School Foundation donates funds to the Math Department Chairs at North and East High Schools to purchase graphing calculators that students use in mathematics and science classes.
    The calculators often cost more than $100 each. With this and community donations, the schools can provide calculators for students with financial need to rent a calculator at low cost for the school year.

    If you would like to donate to the Math Initiative, contact schoolfoundation@bcsc.k12.in.us.

    Literacy Task Force
    The School Foundation supports the work of BCSC. A primary focus has been on literacy. BCSF serves as the fiscal agent of the Bartholomew Literacy Task Force (LTF), a community endeavor to move literacy to the forefront of the community's efforts. The LTF consists of community members from around Bartholomew County, including students from all public, private and parochial schools.

    LTF programs include:
    Book Buddies 
    The Book Express     At the Literacy Festival in 2012, the Columbus Meridan Kiwanis assisted in the distribution of hundreds of gently used books.
    Literacy Fair
    Tots Reading Lots
    Lend a Hand Adult Literacy
    Adult Literacy Program at McDowell Education Center

    Literacy Blooms is held in May each year to benefit Book Buddies. This lovely tea for friends and family is held in the BCSC Terrace Room. Contact Debbie Lindauer, Book Buddies Program Director about next year’s Tea.

    Other community organizations, projects and events supporting literacy in Bartholomew County


    Donations may be made to the Literacy Task Force through the Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation.

    For Literacy Task Force information, visit them here.

    Busy Bees AcademyBusy Bees Academy logo

    Visit Busy Bees here.

    Welcome to Busy Bees.  We are...    Click here to see the Video.

    BCSC began a pilot preschool program during the 2010-2011 school year at Clifty Creek and Taylorsville Elementary Schools for 60 students. In 2011, the Richard L. Johnson Early Childhood Center welcomed 120 additional students. The School Foundation is proud to be a part of this project.

    Funders and Supporters include:

    • Cummins Foundation
    • The Heritage Foundation
    • Community Education Coalition
    • PNC Bank

    For Busy Bees Academy information, visit them here.

    Suzi Bruin, Executive Director
    Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation 
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