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    The School Foundation is a nonprofit organization incorporated and registered in Indiana. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donations are accepted throughout the year. The School Foundation has broad community financial support for its projects. Each year it reaches out to private individuals, businesses, and charitable foundations to help fund its activities. These contributions have enabled the School Foundation to consistently support a wide range of grants, initiatives and programs.

    Call if you have any questions! Call (812) 378-4733.

    Thanks to our BCSC Employee Campaign! $8,000 raised for the initiatives of the district to benefit students, staff, and further the mission of the School Foundation. Thanks to the 94 participants!

    Thank you to these Community Funders of Major Initiatives: 

    • Community Education Coalition
    • Cummins Foundation
    • First Financial Bank
    • Heritage Fund- The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County
    • NTN Driveshaft
    • PNC Bank

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    Support a Specific Program, Fund or Initiative
    When you make a donation, you may indicate a program or fund where you wish for your donation to be applied. Send an email to the School Foundation with the name of the fund your donation is to be applied. Donation earmarks should be sent to schoolfoundation@bcsc.k12.in.us. Below are the funds you can earmark.

    Educator Funds, Awards, and Grants
    General Fund (area of greatest need)
    In Honor Of/In Memory Of a Colleague
    Honor an Inspirational Educator
    Bright Ideas Innovation Grant
    Mindy Lewis Above and Beyond Diversity Award
    "Out of the Box" Ross Wallace Award
    Math Initiative
    Literacy Task Force
    Book Buddies
    Book Express
    Literacy Fair
    Tots Reading Lots
    Lend a Hand Adult Literacy Program
    Family School Partners

    Student Scholarships and Funds
    Bill Stearman Scholarship Fund
    Curtiss Walker Fund
    Fodrea Falcon Scholarship
    Hazel McKain Scholarship Fund
    Jean McClellan Scholarship Fund
    Louise J. and Wells H. Fish Scholarship Fund
    Thomas W. Reeves Science Award Fund
    Equity of Access Assistance Fund
    McDowell Diversity Project Fund
    Benjamin T. Ropp Fund

    To establish a new School Foundation fund, memorial or bequest, please contact the Executive Director at schoolfoundation@bcsc.k12.in.us or by calling 812.378.4733.

    Heritage Fund
    Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation Fund was established by Cal and Betty Brand to help support the School Foundation. You may make your donation through the Heritage Fund by clicking here.

    Committed to Education License Plate
    In 1998, the state legislature created the Committed to Education License Plate. Originally a Garfield design, the license plate has been updated. The Read On design will make its debut, beginning in 2011.

    Read On Indiana license plate The Foundation receives additional funds when patrons purchase the “Education License Plate” through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and specify Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation. This program allows you to show support for our public schools and the importance of learning. By selecting the Indiana education license plate, you are making a contribution that goes directly to the local School Foundation. Just $40 puts your commitment on your license plate! (Fifteen dollars covers plate administrative costs, $6.25 funds the Indiana Elementary School Counselor Grant Fund, and $18.75 goes directly to the school corporation or public education foundation of your choice.)

    When you renew your vehicle registration, ask for the license plate that reads "Committed to Education" and support the Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation!

    Read On Indiana license plate form

    Testimonials ...Your dollars at work!

    Book Buddies: I've been a Book Buddy for Clifty Creek since the program began about five years ago.  I had a student I was helping and told my husband I didn't understand how this boy made it to 2nd grade, because he could hardly read at all.  By the end of the year, he was reading at grade level.  It is so satisfying seeing these kids make this kind of progress...Please take some time to think about volunteering for this program...the help you give these students will give them a lifetime of skills.

    Equity of Access Funds: An East High School student working with Mrs. Zumbaugh was able to have support to pay for the Teacher Education course that C4 offers.  This stimulated her to the point that she is at IUPUC now majoring in Elementary Education.

    Another East High School student working with Mrs. Rochelle House received support that allowed him to take a couple of dual credit courses that gave him a great springboard into his college. It reduced his load enough so that he could work more to pay his current tuition. this year.

    Dr. Moore guided a young lady who received support for four courses over two years that enabled her to be a second semester freshmen at IUPUC.  She will try and transfer to BSU if her financial aid is granted.   Her parents have struggled to stay in their home as they have trouble with the monthly payments.

    All these of these students are Academic Honor Diploma grads who have seen declining family incomes put them in situations where they would not have been able to take these courses with out the fund's support.

    A North High School student had enough college credit to finish almost two years early at Manchester due to credits she had learned in high school.  She was able to get support from the Equity of Access Fund.

    Ropp Funds: A C4 student comments by saying, "Thank you very much. I am still using the scrubs purchased last year in my C4 class. I really appreciate the help."

    Innovation Teacher Grants: Andrew Larson of CSA New Tech: The grant awarded to our Rock Band class provided many of our students to see their first Broadway musical.  It was inspiring and transformative experience for them to see that this type of fine art is accessible to them, both financially and culturally.  What an amazing night.  Additionally, the money that went towards creating our own "sound track" provided them with an artifact that I hope will fuel their musical interests and that they will keep forever.  It IS possible for students to live their "Rock and Roll Dream!"

    Jill Glover and Katie Putnam of CSA Lincoln: Last year, during the 2nd annual "Unite to Fight Childhood Obesity" 5K, I got to stand at the finish line to see the students, parents, siblings and friends of our CSA 3rd graders cross the finish line.  It was an amazing sight to see so many individuals complete their first race, especially the elementary students.  So many children were gathered together after completing the 5K to cheer on the remaining participants.  Seeing our students work together and support one another in the fight against childhood obesity was life changing, especially knowing the entire event was planned by third graders.  Without the support of BCSF, our school would not have been able to support the hundreds of participants.  Our hope is to continue this race each year as we fight the epidemic together.  Thank you BCSF for your support!

    Lisa Haines of Smith Elementary: My classroom is so thankful for the funds to purchase the "teachermates." The devices has enhanced the learning environment of our classroom by providing students with an engaging way to practice skills in the area of reading and math.

    Suzi Bruin, Executive Director
    Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation
    1200 Central Avenue
    Columbus, IN 47201
    (812) 378-4733


Last Modified on May 2, 2018