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    Welcome to my page.
    Thank you for coming! :)
    I teach Writing and Literacy 7.
    Link to my It's Learning page: http://https://bartholomew.itslearning.com/ 

    Ancient history: In 1994, I student taught at
    CEHS with Mr. Galbraith and at NMS with Mrs. White, then was hired July 1995. I taught for six years at CNHS
     and transferred to NMS in 2002. I also taught college writing classes W001, W131 and W132 for IUPUI and IUPUC for many years. I have also taught summer school many times.
    My education:  
    BS in English Education (Honors), Indiana University, 1995
    MS in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Walden University, 2011.
    A little about me: 
    My husband and I live in the country on 70 acres of classified forest and wild land. We are homesteaders and love taking care of our bees, chickens, the forest and wild lands. We also love to camp, kayak, hike, garden, and have fun with family and friends. I love all kinds of writing and reading. I love learning all kinds of interesting things and connecting with students.
    Required for class daily:
    Pens/pencils (blue or black ink/graphite)
    Writer Binder
    Assignment book ("Blue book")





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