EveryDay Math Information

Professional Development Opportunities
Electronic overview of Teacher Materials - Click HERE
Screencast - how to set up the eplanner
Unit Planning Guides
Websites and other links to important information
Virtual Learning Community - provides teachers with additional professional development and resources related to Everyday Math.
Parent Powerpoint presentation about EveryDay Math
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school site on EDM
math messages for all grades for Vol1 and 2  
This one has great resources sorted by grade level AND by unit

This one has a ton of answers to a question someone has posted.
School in New Jersey has a lot of public documents on
Unit reviews and parent handbook. 
algorithm samples and demos
Oral and Slate Assessments by Unit
Additional Tips and recommendations
EveryDay Math checklist
3-4 lessons per week
75-90 minutes MINIMUM of instruction daily
Don't skip the games!
Pre-read all materials
Organize games and manipulatives prior to start of school
Play the games prior to using them with students
Use online games to collect data on students