• 8th Grade Syllabus
    9 Week Schedule
    Mr. Enkoff - Health


    Unit 1:  Taking Charge of Your Health
    Chapter 3:  Being a Health Consumer
    Lesson 1     Health Consumer Habits
    Lesson 2     Choosing Health Services
    Lesson 3     Managing Consumer Problems
    Lesson 4     Public Health
    Unit 3:  Physical Health and Fitness
    Chapter 8:  Nutrition for Health
    Lesson 1     The Importance of Nutrition
    Lesson 2     Nutrients for Wellness
    Lesson 3     Following Nutrition Guidelines
    Lesson 5     Planning Meals
    In addition, students will do a 7 day diet intake/evaluation and discuss fad diets.
    Chapter 9:  Physical Activity and Fitness
    Lesson 1     The benefits of Physical Activity
    Lesson 2     Endurance, Strength and Flexibility
    Lesson 4     Staying Fit and Avoidng Injury
    Chapter 10:  Your Body Image
    Lesson 1     Maintaining  Healthy Body
    Lesson 2     Eating Disorders
    Students will research and write about a disease.
    Unit 5:  Understanding Your Body
    Lesson 1     Your Skeletal Systems
    Lesson 2     Your Muscular Systems
    Lesson 6     Your Digestive and Excretory Systems
    In addition, students will participate in Project Alert.  Project Alert includes the affect of drugs on the body and refusal skills.
Last Modified on October 26, 2009