• 7th Grade Syllabus
    9 Week Schedule
    Mr. Enkoff - Health


    Unit 2:  Keeping Your Body Healthy
    Chapter 5:  Personal Health and Consumer Choice
    Lesson 1     Caring for Your Teeth, Skin, Hair and Nails
    Lesson 2     Caring for Eyes and Ears
    Lesson 3     Consumer Choices for Your Health
    Lesson 4     Being an Informed Consumer
    Lesson 5     Health Care Providers and Services
    Lesson 6     Tattoos
    Lesson 7     Body Piercings
    Unit 5:  Physical Health and Fitness
    Chapter 9:  Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence
    Lesson 1     Conflicts at Home and at School
    Lesson 2     Conflict Resolution Skills
    Lesson 3     Preventing Violence
    Lesson 4     Dealing with Abuse and Finding Help
    Chapter 15:  Personal Safety and Injury Prevention
    Lesson 1     Developing Safe Habits
    Lesson 2     Safety at Home and in School
    Lesson 3     Outdoor and Recreational Safety
    Lesson 4     Weather Emmergencies and Natural Disasters
    Lesson 5     First Aid
    Lesson 6     Internet Safety
    Chapter 15:  The Environment and Your Health
    Lesson 1     How Pollution Affects Your Health
    Lesson 2     Protecting the Environment
    Additional curriculum:
    DARE - Pat Bryant
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