• Ridership Rules:


    Following the rules listed below will ensure students are able to ride to school in a healthy safe environment.  

    Student Basic Rules of Conduct:

    1.      Riding the school bus is a privilege and is a part of the school day. Accordingly, students should adhere to all rules and procedures outlined in the student handbook while being transported to and from school. Classroom conduct is expected.

    2.      The driver is in charge at all times while on the bus. All driver/monitor directives should be followed promptly.

    3.      Be at your bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.

    4.      Go to your assigned seat quickly. Stay seated at all times until it is your time to get off the bus, and the bus has come to a complete stop. Seated means facing forward with feet on the floor. Students will be completely out of the aisle.

    5.      Keep arms, legs, and objects to yourself and inside the bus.

    6.      Talk quietly with no inappropriate language or gestures. Quietly means at a level where the driver cannot clearly hear the conversation.

    7.      Students are not to bring toys, collectible cards, laser pointers, balloons, or other distracting items onto the bus.

    8.      Students will not possess the following forbidden items while on the bus:  weapons, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, aerosols, sprays, pumps, perfume, combustibles or other contraband.

    9.      Food or drinks are not allowed on the bus at any time without written permission from the Transportation Manager.

    10.  A student may ride a different school bus with a friend, provided there is enough room on the bus and the student has a written note from their parent/guardian and stamped from the school. Students may not have more than one friend ride on their assigned bus without prior permission from the driver or transportation office. 
                     11.  Bus windows will not be lowered more than ½ way.
           12.  Golf clubs, over sized equipment and large musical instruments are not to be transported on regular route
                 buses or placed in the cargo bay; some small musical instruments will be considered as long as there is
                    room on the bus and it does not impede the seat of another student. Skate Boards are not permitted

           13.  No items will be stored in the back window, behind the back seats, or in front of emergency doors or

                    14.  All backpacks are to be on the students lap or on the floor in front of them, backpacks are not to be
                          placed on the bus seat taking up the seat of another student.
    Assigned Seats:


    All drivers are strongly encouraged to assign seats to students using the form and magnets provided by the Transportation Department.  Drivers may use their own seat identification magnets if approved by the Transportation Manager.  All students are to abide by the seat assignment; failure to sit in an assigned seat may result in a discipline form being issued by the driver/monitor.


    It is recommended that seat assignments be done at the beginning of the school year.  The seat assignment is suggested for Emergency Responders as well as student accountability.


    Student Management/Discipline:


    When students are being transported on a school bus, the students are under the supervision, direction, and control of the school bus driver/monitor and are subject to disciplinary measures by the school bus driver and the governing body of the school corporation (monitor).  IC 20-27-10-1


    The driver shall inform the students of procedures and bus conduct by providing them a yellow card containing this information.

    The driver shall be consistent in following the procedures for proper student behavior and control.

    Be sure that all students understand what you expect of them.

    Behavior Management/Student Discipline Form


    Drivers are expected to follow the Behavior Management plan that is outlined below, however the severity of the offense may over rule the following disciplinary action. 


    1.      Verbal Warning:  When first realizing that a student may become or have a potential problem:

    A.    Talk with the student. You may want to move that student to another seat.

          B.   It is recommended you call the family and, ask for their help.  


    2.      Written Warning: When it becomes apparent that the previous step did not work, document by using the  Discipline Form. 


    3.      First Offense (discipline form, check box checked for 1st offense):  one day off the bus – The driver has the right to take the student off the bus.  You MUST notify the family by using the Discipline Form. 

    A.    If the occurrence takes place on the way to school, we will still need to supply a ride home unless there is a danger to other students. 

    B.     If there is danger to other students, you will need to get the building administrators involved and inform transportation office staff. 


    4.      Second Offense (discipline form, check box for  2nd offense): usually 3, but up to 10 days off the bus -  Before the paper goes home; you must have principal, or designee’s signature.  


    5.      Third Offense (discipline form, check box for 3rd  offense):  semester or year suspension from bus. Before the paper goes home;  you will need principal or designee’s signature.

    Note:  In accordance with Indiana Law, it is a privilege to ride a bus school bus.  Violation of the above rules and regulations may result in suspension of transportation privileges.

    Student Discipline Contracts:


    Once a student has violated all above offenses and proper procedures were followed a discipline contract will now be implemented.  A meeting will be set between the student, parent/guardian, school representative, and a transportation official.  The transportation official will explain the expectations set forth from this day forward, going over bus rules and responsibilities explaining this is their last opportunity to make better choices on the bus.  Should the student occur another bus discipline form (action) they will lose bus priviledges for the remainder of the school year.  At this point the student, along with everyone present signs the contract to confirm everyone understands the contract terms.
Last Modified on January 24, 2017