• Central Middle School

    Positive Behavior Support - CAPS - Infraction Plan

    Level 1
    Definition Examples may include Procedures/Consequences Possible Intervention Strategies (Levels 1 & 2)
    Behaviors that interfere with the learning of the student and/or those students immediately around them Refusing to work Inform student of expectation violating Eye contact
    Unprepared for class Describe expected behavior Close proximity
    Do NOT require administrator involvement Not staying in seat Reteach school behavior expectations Time-out strategies
    Do NOT significantly violate the rights of others Talking or blurting out Contact parent Verbal redirection
    Are NOT chronic disruptions Sleeping Changing seating assignment Partnering with other students
    Non-directions Inappropriate language Engaging curriculum
    Put-downs Provide opportinities to succeed
    Not following directions Verbal praise
    Running in the hallway Non-verbal cues/signals
    Littering Social coaching
    Reteach expectation
    Level 2 Warn of potential consequences
    Definition Examples may include Consult with teacher team
    Behaviors that affect an orderly learning environment Throwing items Inform student of expectation violating
    May require administrator involvement Bullying/Harassment Describe expected behavior
    Significantly violate the rights of others Horseplay Contact parent
    Put others at risk or harm Spitting Assign lunch detention
    Are chronic level 1 behaviors Insubordination/Defiance/Disrespect Assign after-school detention
    Skipping class Refer to counselor
    Minor Vandalism (can be fixed by student) Conduct team meeting with parent/student
    Profanity directed at a person Referral to office
    Cheating Restitution
    Level 3
    Definition Examples may include Office referral is the consequence for Level 3
    Behaviors that are extremely unsafe, meant to cause intentional harm Assault
    Explosive devices
    Definitely require administrator involvement False alarm
    Are chronic level 2 behaviors Fighting/Disorderly Conduct
    Violate laws Gang Activity
    Harassment/Sexual Harassment
    Obscene/Lewd Behavior
    Persistent/Chronic Misbehavior
    Verbal Abuse to Staff

Last Modified on November 12, 2009