Arrival & Dismissal Hallways, Stairways, & Restrooms Cafeteria Computer Stations Media Center Locker Room Office Convocations & Extra-curricular Events
    Social Responsibility Use school appropriate language. Walk on the right side of the hall or stairs Walk in and sit in the designated area Take care of equipment so it is able to be used by the next person Use appropriate voice level Keep locker room area neat by keeping your belongings in the locker Use appropriate level 1-2  voice level. Walk in and sit in the designated area.
    Place all trash in trash cans Keep areas free of trash When dismissed, walk to the line to purchase food Stay at your computer station Enter library quietly Respect the personal space and belongings of others Speak politely to office staff (use “please” and “thank you”) Have your ride ready at thepre-determined time.
    Insure the safety of others by avoiding aggressive talk and behavior. Keep personal items in your own personal space Return to your original seat after purchasing food Inform an adult if you are having a problem with equipment Leave area neat   Wait quietly for the office staff to address your needs Treat others with respect.
    Wipe off shoes when entering the building Conserve water, soap and paper by using only the amount needed When dismissed, walk to throw away trash in proper containers. Follow AUP Technology Policy. Use technology in a school appropriate manner   Sit in chairs until directed to office Keep your hands and other objects to yourself.
    Walk around the outside edge of the gym floor   Keep your voice to a reasonable level.   Use equipment for intended purpose only and as directed by adult      
    Use equipment in a safe and non-aggressive manner       Report any problems with  equipment to media staff      
    Personal Responsibility Arrive by 7:40 a.m. Have pass with you when in hallway during non-passing period times When dismissed, go to the designated area outside or in the gym. Follow the directions given by an adult Return materials in on time and undamaged Be dressed and ready for the activity on time each day Have pass to office with you at all times Demonstrate behavior that is fitting for the event.
    Go directly to your designated area Respect the personal space of others Keep your hands and food to yourself. Maintain a neat work area Follow media center staff’s directions Use only your locker and keep the combination to yourself Follow the directions given by an adult Only leave designated area during breaks.
    Always ask and wait for permission before leaving the area Use the restroom during passing periods between core classes.   Take data saving device to work station   Follow the directions given by adult Follow hallway procedures to and from the office  
    Enter and leave the building by walking         Keep all gum, food or candy out of the locker room    
    Keep voices low enough to hear instructions              
    Academic Responsibility Allow /encourage others to do their own work by not sharing your answers Keep all books and materials in your locker or take with you to class   Only go to teacher-directed websites Use Media Center for academic purposes as directed by teachers      
    Keep your possessions in your own personal space     Save needed data        
    Bring all necessary books and materials to your class              
    Take all necessary materials and books with you when leaving              
    Maintain your focus              

Last Modified on November 12, 2009