• Seniors with Special Circumstances

    1)  Seniors that are mid- term Grads
          Your senior project requirements are the same as the full year senior, except your project must be completed by December 1st.  It is suggested that you enroll in the "senior project class", that will aid you in completing the requirements in a timely manner. 
    You may certainly choose not to take the class, but know that your deadlines and all project requirements must be completed and turned into your BDT teacher or Mrs. Hester by December 1st.  You will have your senior board presentation on or before December 15th.
    2)   Six (6) Semester Grads
          You must complete your senior project during your 6th semester.  It is recommended that you enroll in the senior project class. Please speak to your counselor about enrolling. Mrs. Hester will have to sign the paperwork for you to be approved to graduate in 6 semesters.
    If you do not take the class it is YOUR responsibility to meet with Mrs. Hester to work out the details on you fulfilling the necessary requirements to graduate.
    3)  Move-In and/or Transfer Seniors
          You are required to complete all components of the senior project. It is best if you enroll in the senior project class.  If you can not enroll in the class, then you will need to meet with Mrs. Hester to work out details and a timeline for completion of the project in a timely manner. 


Last Modified on October 21, 2015