• Technology Department Staff

    Mike Jamerson - Director of Technology
    Lynn Thexton - Administrative Assistant
    Information Services:
    Amy Wentworth - Informations Systems Leader
    Marie Danhauer - Information Systems Analyst 
    Jim Humpf  - PC/Network Integration Specialist
    Pam Smith - Information Systems Analyst
    Instructional Technology:
    Nick Williams - Coordinator of Instruction
    Operations Department:
    Eva Cagwin - Coordinator of Operations
    Matt Shuter - Network Administrator
    Chris Bradley - Network Administrator
    Cathy Anderson - Telecommunications Technician
    Ken Hedrick - Electronic Repair and Installation Technician
    Dennis Pierce - Electronic Repair and Installation Technician
    Mark Doub - PC/Network Integration Specialist 
    Jon Pence - PC/Network Integration Specialist
    Andrew Taylor - PC/Network Integration Specialist
    Building Technology Support Specialists:
    Mollie Bush-Nord
    Katelyn "Katie" Carlile
    Carla Clark 
    Marlene Dow
    Shannon Gray
    Joann Heathcote
    Sonny Mitchell
    Anna Jacobson
    Dustin Parks
    Kate Shea
    Whitney Simpson McGaha
    Simon Teodoro
Last Modified on November 16, 2017