• Technology Department Staff

    Nick Williams - Director of Technology
    Lynn Thexton - Administrative Assistant
    Information Services:
    Brian Trivett - Coordinator of Administrative Systems
    Amy Wentworth - Informations Systems Leader
    Marie Danhauer - Information Systems Analyst 
    Jim Humpf  - PC/Network Integration Specialist
    Pam Smith - Information Systems Analyst
    Instructional Technology:
    Brenny Jarrard - Coordinator of Instructional Technology
    Operations Department:
    Eva Cagwin - Coordinator of Operations
    Matt Shuter - Network Administrator
    Chris Bradley - Network Administrator
    Cathy Anderson - Telecommunications Technician
    Ken Hedrick - Electronic Repair and Installation Technician
    Dennis Pierce - Electronic Repair and Installation Technician
    Mark Doub - PC/Network Integration Specialist 
    Jon Pence - PC/Network Integration Specialist
    Andrew Taylor - PC/Network Integration Specialist
    Building Technology Support Specialists:
    Kate Shea
    Katelyn "Katie" Carlile
    Carla Clark 
    Marlene Dow
    Shannon Gray
    Joann Heathcote
    Sonny Mitchell
    Anna Jacobson
    Dustin Parks
    Cole Arnholt
    Whitney Simpson McGaha
Last Modified on July 3, 2018