PowerSource Online Courses and Tutorials
    Self Registration and Account Activation

    PowerSchool Training When YOU Want It!


    To access the online courses and tutorials please register with PowerSource using your BCSC email account.



    PowerSource Registration and Account Activation Instructions

    To access the tutorials you will first need to register at: https://support.powerschool.com/signup/1061802
    Please use your BCSC email address when registering and choose a role that matches your job responsibilities.


    You will then receive a registration confirmation email from PowerSource with a link to create a password. From there you will be signed-in to the support site.  Navigate to the Mastery in Minutes and Distance Learning tutorials area by clicking on the “training” tab. 
    Once you are in the training section click on either the Distance Learning or Mastery in Minutes button.  In each of these screens you can search on the topic you need to learn or review.
Last Modified on July 31, 2018