Columbus North High School

Writer's Workshop

Period 1
Room 1309
Second Semester

Welcome to Writer's Workshop.  In this course students will focus on several types of writing.  We will focus on one grammar item each of the 18 weeks.  We will also work in small groups to edit and improve our writing skills.  Most importantly we will be writing every day in class.  The class syllabus has some flexibility and will adjust based on student input and needs.
Grammar Review Jan 9th.
January 30th: One Story
Spend the next 15 minutes writing the "one story" you think people see about someone you know or yourself. You don't have to know the back story or their personal details, write what you perceive to be their story. In other words, what story do other people see when they look at that person. 
Now, take your favorite character from anything. You are going to write about them. I don't want their "one story" I want all sides of the story -good, bad, ugly, beautiful. All of it. Write for 15-20 minutes. Turn both writings in by tomorrow.  

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