Columbus North High School

Sophomore Literature

Semester 2

We will be studying two books this semester: Cry, the Beloved Country and In the Time of the Butterflies.  We will also be preparing and delivering a persuasive speech on a hot topic.  Students will write one research paper this semester as well.

Comma Review - Sophomore p. 8 do this on Jan. 26th!
Watch this PowerPoint about commas from the OWL website
Then take this quiz and show me your score
Then, do this:
Introductory Activity #1:
You will sign up with Mrs. Culp for one of the options on this assignment.  This assignment is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.
Introductory Activity#2:
Read through the following sites to give you good background information. 
Make a graphic organizer (a Venn diagram would be good) and compare Apartheid and the Civil Rights Movement.  You should have at least 5 things for Apartheid, 5 for Civil Rights and at least 3 in common.
Need to see an example of a Venn diagram?  Click here:
Now, read or listen to (if you have headphones) Martin Luther King Jr.'s I have a Dream speech.  Compare that with Nelson Mandela's message after the Soweto uprising. 
Make sure you are on page 83
After reading/listening to the two speeches write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two.  You can type this and turn it in to the shared folder if you would like. 
Introductory Activity #3:
Once you have finished all this you can begin to work on your Glog. I will give you the sign on information for your Glog.
Your Glog should contain at least 6 pictures from each issue (Apartheid and Civil Rights Movement), one audio file, one video file (less than 5 minutes in length) and two important quotes from these topics. 
Click below to see a sample Glog
Sample 1: Liz Fisher
Sample 1
Sample 2: Katie Waskom
Sample 2
Sample 3: Ally Marshall
Sample 3
Sample 4: Tantania Skinner
Sample 4
Introductory Activity #4
Read the short story - "The Moment before the Gun went Off" and then answer the questions.


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