Columbus North High School


Sophomore Accelerated

Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Author info assignment: 
The Things They Carried
Summer Reading 2014
The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls
Siddhartha, Herman Hesse
In sophomore accelerated students will be exposed to many different literary genres and writing techniques.  It is my goal to push students beyond their self-imposed limits when it comes to thinking about English and thinking in general.  This class is centered around discussion and will require students to participate in class.  Such participation relies on completion of assigned readings and other assignments.

Below you will find an approximate outline of this course for first semester.

Summer Reading Review – Two weeks

  • Review works: The Road, The Glass Castle 
  • Assessment of summer reading
  • Narrative Writing

Analytical Thinking – Two weeks

  • Discuss analysis
  • Read various types of materials and explore deeper meaning
  • Assessment of analytical skills


The Old Man and the Sea – Five weeks

  • Ernest Hemingway biographical information
  • Read The Old Man and the Sea
  • Writing instruction
  • Literary Analysis paper

Grammar review:
Try this to help sort out when you should use a semicolon: 
Then try this quiz: 


Siddhartha – Two weeks

Siddhartha Research Continued

  • Introduce concepts of Siddhartha
  • Read Siddhartha
  • Connection to Ecclesiastes
  • In-class essay

 Guided Independent Reading Five weeks


UDL Semester Final project - one week

Existentialism/Extraordinary Man theory - one week

2nd Semester 
 Introduction to Shakespeare and drama
Cry, the Beloved Country
As an introduction to this book you will be doing two of the four activities. Choose one activity from each of the sections. These assignments are due .
Read through the following sites to gather background information. Once you have done the create a graphic organizer (Venn diagram, chart, etc) comparing and contrasting the two movements. 
Read the short story: "The Moment Before the Gun went Off" and answer the following questions.
Glogster registration:
Educator code: 5BCAH8 
2012 students only! 
Read through the speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. Summarize both speeches. Compare and contrast the two speeches.
Create a collage that shows aspects of both Apartheid in South Africa and The Civil Rights Movement in America. Your collage should contain at least 9 pictures from each event and two important quotes. 


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