You are allotted 20 minutes for your presentation:

    ·         5 minutes for your set-up 

    ·         10 minutes for your speech

    8-10 minutes in length falls within Exceptional category

    6-8 minutes in length falls within Exceeds Expectations category

    5-6 minutes in length falls within Meets Expectation category

    Presentations less than 5 minutes Does not Meet Expectation

    More than 10 minutes evaluators will end presentation and evaluate accordingly

         (This does not guarantee the above ratings, as all components will be evaluated together.)

    ·         5 minutes for you to answer any questions from your committee



    Your speech consists of four distinct parts:

    ·         Introduction

    ·         Past (background)

    ·         Present (information on your project)

    ·         Future (future impact)


    While there is no formal outline that you have to follow, here is a guideline of information that you might consider including in your ten-minute presentation. Remember that you SHOULD NOT just go through and answer these questions in your presentation! These are just guidelines that give you an idea of the kinds of things that you should talk about in your presentation.



    ·     Introduce yourself by greeting your committee and telling them your name.

    ·     Then briefly include any information about yourself that you want the committee to know, for example:

    ·     How long you’ve been at North

    ·     Activities at North that you have been involved in

    ·     What you are currently planning to do after graduation




    ·     Explain how you became involved in this project. Explain PROJECT GOALS.

    ·      Consider:

    ·     Have particular experiences in your life contributed to this area of interest?

    ·     Have you taken courses that have allowed you to pursue this interest?

    ·     Have any extracurricular activities or hobbies allowed you to pursue this interest?

    ·     Has there been any particular person (parent, teacher, coach, minister, employer, club    leader, etc.) who encouraged your interest?


    Present/Information about Your Senior Project:

    ·     Why/How did you choose this Project?

    ·     What are the steps that you went through to accomplish this task?

    ·     What did you learn from doing this project? How did it stretch your learning?

    ·     How has it caused you to grow as a person?

    ·     What was exciting to you about doing this project? What was difficult? How did you stay motivated?

    ·     Of what are you especially proud in regards to this assignment?

    ·     Would you recommend this area of interest to another student?



    ·     Will any of the above apply to your future job or career? hobbies? travel? family? etc.

    ·     Will you pursue this area of interest in the future?

    ·     Provide a good clincher. (Note: Do not say “That’s it,” “I’m done,” or “Thank you”!)



    ·     Prepare 3 x 5 note cards for your speech. Consider using four – one for each of the four parts of your speech. Write a few notes on each to remind you what you’re going to say. (Do not write out your speech on note cards.  Never read a speech!)

    ·     Practice! (For example, present your speech to family and friends; present it in front of a mirror; or have yourself videotaped. Critique yourself: are you thorough? clear? enthusiastic? loud enough?)



    ·     Your committee will evaluate your portfolio on its completeness and the quality of the work that you have included.

    ·     Your committee will evaluate your speech on organization, development, delivery, knowledge, and enthusiasm. (Remember: V.O.I.C.E.S.)

    ·     Your committee will give you a rating of Exceptional, Exceeds Expectation, Meets Expectation, or Does not meet expectation.

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