Bartholomew County Retired Teachers Association

    BARTA Grant Application for 2017-2018




    BARTA would like to invite all Pre-K-12 grade teachers and administrators in Bartholomew County to apply for a grant. The total funding will be approximately $1500 for this year’s grant cycle. An individual grant request should not exceed $500.

    Funding ideas might include classroom materials, tools that impact classroom instruction, fieldtrips, guest speakers, conferences and substitute costs for conferences or observations of other teachers to improve instruction.

    Funding will be a reimbursement for expenses that have been paid. Substitute costs can be sent directly to the school district’s office after completing the attached form from the school principal or administrative assistant. Private or non-BCSC schools might have an alternate sub reimbursement plan. 

    BARTA committee accepts electronic submissions to Lmont72@comcast.net by the principal/director of the applicant(s). Technology support staff should be consulted if any technology purchase is requested. The person sending the application should receive a confirmation message within five days of the submission. Feel free to contact the BARTA contact for confirmation information.

    If you receive the grant, you would be asked to make a presentation for the BARTA luncheon in September 2018. For the presentation for BARTA luncheon, our hope is that principals will work with the recipient so he/she may attend as BARTA’s guest for lunch and make a short presentation (not to exceed10 min).

    Recipients are encouraged to share pictures and videos with BARTA for its communication. These do not need to be brought to the luncheon. Usually there is no video capacity at that luncheon. Please indicate that there is permission for students/classroom who have been photographed.

    Grant Application may be sent to the email below beginning

    November 1, 2017 and ending January 15, 2018.

    Grants will be accepted during that time and awarded after January 15, 2018 if they meet the expectations. Once the $1500 is expended, the cycle will end for this school year.

    Questions ? Please call or email Janice Montgomery, 812.390.9023 or Lmont72@comcast.net

    Recipients will receive a grant review summary form due within one year of the grant award.


    Suzi Bruin, Executive Director
    Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation
    1200 Central Avenue
    Columbus, IN 47201
    (812) 378-4733


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