• Welcome to the Math Modeling teams page for Columbus North High School!  

    Teams will be able to compete in two (maybe three!) competitions this year... 

    HiMCM - Sponsored by COMAP (the Consortium for MAthematics and its Applications), the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling has been going on for many years but we have never entered a team.  The big difference between this contest and the other modeling competitions is that for this one you pay a $75 fee to enter a team and there is no prize money to be won.  The money goes to pay the judges and organization (which is very fair) and the reward is an excellent challenge and the chance to improve your modeling skills and possibly earn a high rating.  

    Please check out the PREVIOUS HiMCM PROBLEMS

    Form your teams of 3-4 students all from CNHS (any grade level) and let me know so that we can get you signed up.  Each team member will need to contribute to the entry fee.  You can do the work from one of the team member's houses, but may NOT receive any outside assistance.  

    The competition can be completed over any 36 hour period (likely a weekend) between November 9th and November 19th.  

    Last year we had a team achieve the HIGHEST RATING of OUTSTANDING!  


    M3Challenge - We have entered the maximum of two teams from our school each of the past six years.  Nearly half of those teams have won scholarship prizes (four won $1000 national honorable mention and one team won a trip to New York and $7500!)  This contest is free and uses teams of 5 students (who must be juniors or seniors)  The official date has not yet been announced, but in the past it was late February or early March.  


    We may do some smaller after school (1-2 hour) rapid competitions with schools in our region in December and January.  

Last Modified on June 10, 2018