• Unit 1 - Stretching and Shrinking

    In this unit, students will learn how to do the following bullet points.  Blue, underlined vocabulary words are linked to a definition on Mrs. Miller's Quizlet page.  On Mrs. Miller's Quizlet page, one can refer to or practice the vocabulary from this unit at any time in many different ways.  There are options to read, listen, view pictures, or play games associated with the vocabulary terms - please utilize this online tool that Mrs. Miller has provided. 

       -Identify similar figures by comparing corresponding sides and angles

       -Use scale factors and ratios to describe relationships among the side lengths, perimeters, and areas of similar figures

       -Construct similar figures (scale drawings) using informal methods, scale factors, and geometric tools
       -Use algebraic rules to produce similar figures and recognize when a rule shrinks or enlarges a figure
       -Predict the ways that stretching or shrinking a figure will affect side lengths, angle measures, perimeters, and areas
       -Use the properties of similarity to find distances and heights that cannot be measured directly
       -Use scale factors or ratios to find missing side lengths in a pair of similar figures