The Columbus East Theatre Department 2018-2019 Season

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    Mr. Kevin Welsh

    Auditorium/Theatre Director




    Tickets for all Columbus East Theatre productions are available at the door 30 minutes in advance.

    **We only accept cash and personal checks***

    You may also purchase tickets online in advance at

    **Our online ticket site remains open until 7 hours prior to each production date. 

    All ticket sales are final and no refunds will be issued.**


    The Columbus East Auditorium has accessible seating options available at the midpoint in the auditorium and a doorway at the midpoint eliminating the need to traverse most of the ramp.  Please see a member of our staff in the lobby for assistance upon your arrival. 


    The Columbus East Auditorium is available for rent for group functions and performances.  If you are interested, please contact Kevin Welsh, Auditorium Director, for more information.  


    The Columbus East Auditorium currently holds 892 by legal fire code.

     "Can you turn up the Air Conditioning?"

    We get this question more often than we would like, and the answer is unfortunately, NO.  Believe us when we say that we are as hot under the collar as you are during a show.  We are running around and under hot stage lights so we are also very uncomfortable.  Our air units are programmed and controlled by our central server across town.  Since the majority of our shows happen on weekends, there isn't even anyone working who can reprogram them.  Predicting the weather is hard.  Predicting how the weather will affect the temperature inside a building is harder.  Predicting how the weather will affect the temperature inside a building and then predicting how the temperature will change when you fill the building with 300-600 people is like a game of roulette.  And even when you err on the side of caution and make the temperature extra cool to account for the extra bodies in the seats, the heat from the stage lights, and the fluctuating temperatures outside, you invariably have several kind people who complain about how COLD it is in the theatre and how they wish they had brought their sweater with them.

    No, we cannot turn up the Air Conditioning.  But thank you for asking.