• Algebra provides ideas and symbols for expressing information about quantitative variables and relationships. In Say It With Symbols, students will solve problems designed to develop their understanding and skill in using symbolic expressions and equations in algebra. They will learn how to:

    • Represent patterns and relationships in symbolic forms
    • Determine when different symbolic expressions are mathematically equivalent
    • Write algebraic expressions in useful equivalent forms
    • Combine symbolic expressions using algebraic operations to form new expressions
    • Analyze expressions or equations to determine the patterns of change in the tables and graphs that the expression or equation represents
    • Solve linear and quadratic equations using symbolic reasoning
    • Use algebraic reasoning to validate generalizations and conjectures

    ACE questions: Worked out examples
    In each Parent Letter you will find:
    • A brief overview of what your student will be learning
    • Unit Goals
    • How to help your student with his or her homework
    • Discussion points of the units
    • Common Core Standards covered (though the Indiana Standards are slightly different)
    • Worked out examples for the topics covered within the unit
Last Modified on July 9, 2017