• In Growing, Growing, Growing, students will explore Exponential Functions, one of the most important types of nonlinear relationships. The Investigations in this Unit will help them learn how to:

    • Identify situations in which a quantity grows or decays exponentially
    • Recognize the connections between the growth patterns in tables, graphs, and equations that represent exponential functions
    • Construct equations to express the relationship between the variables in an exponential function in data tables, graphs, and problem situations
    • Compare exponential and linear functions
    • Develop and use rules for working with exponents, including scientific notation, to write and interpret equivalent expressions
    • Solve problems about exponential growth and decay from a variety of different areas, including science and business

    ACE questions: Worked out examples
    In each Parent Letter you will find:
    • A brief overview of what your student will be learning
    • Unit Goals
    • How to help your student with his or her homework
    • Discussion points of the units
    • Common Core Standards covered (though the Indiana Standards are slightly different)
    • Worked out examples for the topics covered within the unit. 

Last Modified on July 9, 2017