The Investigations in this Unit will help students understand the following ideas:

    • Represent data using graphs, tables, word descriptions and algebraic expressions.
    • Recognize linear and nonlinear relationships in tables and graphs.
    • Use linear and inverse variation equations to model bivariate data
    • Use residual analysis to measure the fit of linear and inverse variation models.
    • Analyze, approximate, and solve linear equations.
    • Use linear and inverse variation equations to solve problems and to make predictions and decisions
    • Use scatter plots, two-way tables, and correlation coefficients to describe patterns of association in pairs of variables.
    • Use standard deviation to measure variability in data distributions.
    ACE questions: Worked out examples
    In each Parent Letter you will find:
    • A brief overview of what your student will be learning
    • Unit Goals
    • How to help your student with his or her homework
    • Discussion points of the units
    • Common Core Standards covered (though the Indiana Standards are slightly different)
    • Worked out examples for the topics covered within the unit. 
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