Congratulations to the 2017 Spring Innovation Grant Winners

  •  2017 Spring Innovation Grant Winners



    The School Foundation is proud to award over $9,700 for our Spring 2017 Innovation Grants. The school foundation has been awarding Innovative Teacher Grants for over 55 years.  We give educators the opportunity to be innovative with their students that requires funding outside of the BCSC general budget.  We are proud to award the following grants:


    “It's Time for Something Different – BreakoutEDU” - BCSC Administration -  Instructional and Technology Coaches Katie Putnam and Delaney George- Funds will be used to organize an immersive game that provides a series of challenges, or clues, that requires a strategic and collaborative team environment.


    “Let It Grow!”  - CSA Fodrea – 1st Grade facilitators – Stephany Kiel and RuthAnn Lane – This garden project will allow the students to experience planting seeds and growing food.  In addition to the experience of the 1st graders, the kindergartners will be able to observe the garden and look forward to moving into 1st grade.  The students will also get to experience community giving, as whatever the students successfully grow is donated to Love Chapel.


    “Watch our Mindset Grow”- CSA Fodrea – 4th Grade – Suzanne Diehn - The materials purchased with this grant will allow hands on opportunities and books to challenge each student to think beyond what they know, and to persevere when solutions do not come easily. Using growth mindset picture books and hands on science activities, it is anticipated that students will see the potential in their mistakes and how to grow from them.

    “A New Tool to Breakout of the Same Old Assessment” – East High School and Central Middle School English Departments – Chasidy Kannianen - Breakout Boxes will be developed that will align with UDL principles in engagement and expression while working to create an expert learner.


    “Stand to Learn” – W.D. Richards - 4th Grade – Greg Morris – This grant will be used to purchase four individual desks that will allow students to work (individually or in groups) while standing. They will also allow students to be engaged because they will have options to be able to move around in a safe place without missing classroom content or be a distraction to others. They will also allow an additional grouping option for classroom work.

    “Flexible Seating” – Mt. Healthy – 3rd/4th Grade – Jeannie Long -Using flexible seating will allow students to “wiggle” while they are working. Being able to “wiggle” will help students stay focused on whatever standard they are working on.  Giving students options to help regulate their learning will lead to students that are purposeful, motivated, resourceful, knowledgeable, strategic and goal-oriented.


    “UDL Facilitator District Resource Libraries”– L.C. Schmitt – UDL Facilitator -Kate Edgren – The funds will be utilized to develop two libraries of resources for all district UDL facilitators and coaches to best support their UDL efforts districtwide.

    “Providing Options for Mindfulness (OM)” – East high School Counseling - Andy Taube - Providing Options for Mindfulness (OM) is a sixty-minute session that includes yoga, deep breathing, and mindful reflection designed to equip students with the skills needed to self-regulate, self-reflect, and set goals for improvement.

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