Congratulations to the 2018 Spring Innovation Grant Winners




    The School Foundation is proud to award over $31,000 for our Spring 2018 Innovation Grants.  In addition to the generous gift from BCSC to BCSF, this grant cycle, we partnered with The Heritage Fund, Literacy Task Force and Landmark Farm Foundation.  The school foundation has been awarding Innovative Teacher Grants for over 62 years.  We give educators the opportunity to be innovative with their students that requires funding outside of the BCSC general budget.  We are proud to award the following grants:

    CSA NewTech “Virtual Reality Lab” – CSA New Tech - $3,000.00 - Zachary Schroeder - This project is aimed at further engaging students in the world of science, technology, engineering, art, and math through the use of virtual reality. The goal is to create a space and provide technological capability for multiple courses to use in order to enhance the learning experience of our students while engaging them in amazing emerging 21st century technology.

    Richards  “Reading My Way!”  - W. D. Richards Elementary  - 1,200.00 –Tami Hebert  - The project would include the purchase of 12 Kindle eReaders, cases for protecting the Kindles, purchase of electronic versions of popular children’s books, and training on how to use the Kindle eReaders. The eReaders will allow students to individualize the text to meet their learning needs by allowing students to change font size, bookmark and highlight text, and have the text read aloud by the device.

    Rockcreek “Busy Hands Busy Minds Sensory Success”- Rockcreek Elementary – $500.00 -Corie Williams and Amber Wolf This project involves creating a sensory integration wall in areas of the hallways at Rockcreek Elementary. The sensory wall would provide a way for a significant number of students to engage with their environment which would increase ability of their brain in processing and organizing information which would improve their capability to engage in their learning environment throughout the day.  Students would also have the opportunity to engage with one another, leading to increased social and language skills.

    CNHS “CAST’s 4th Annual UDL Symposium: Empowering Leaders” –Columbus North High School –  $1,630.00 Katie Schmidt - The very purpose of this symposium is to gain a deeper understanding of the UDL framework. More specifically, attendees will collaborate with fellow UDL-minded colleagues and expert educators to explore how to empower learners in the classroom. This purpose strikes at the very core of the UDL framework – expert learning – but strongly supports the UDL principles of Engagement and Action and Expression. Partially funded through Cheryl Dieckmann Memorial Fund

     Ele Band “Band Instruments for BCSC 6th Graders” – All Elementary Band Directors -  $4,888.00 BJ Marks – This project will increase the availability of instruments for a first-year band members (6th-grade) whose family is unable to afford an instrument rental or purchase. Learning to play a band instrument allows students to further their understanding of music that they have gained in their general music class.  This grant will help ensure that all students that wish to participate in 6th grade band, have the opportunity.

    CNHS “Flexible Seating” – Columbus North High School – $1,000 - Jennifer Hester – This project will help remove barriers for classroom success. The flexible seating recruits interest by providing students with choice and autonomy about their learning. It also provides options for self-regulation by helping students identify coping skills and strategies to remain focused on their work. Students can be more purposeful and motivated in their learning by having a choice in seating and internalizing self-regulation.

     Mt. Healthy “One Book One School”– Mt. Healthy Elementary – $2,500 Jeannie Long– With this school wide project, Mt. Healthy would all be reading the same book throughout the entire school for a 1 month span. During this time period, all would be reading, doing activities, and collaborating as a staff and student body around 1 common book. During this month-long book study students would be engaged with other grade levels, learn valuable life lessons that could be shared on the morning announcements and encourage the love of reading.  Students will be involved from the beginning including having 3 - 6th grade students read a book, write a book review, and create a short video explaining the book that they read. That video will then be shared with all students to get a student vote for the book that will be read for the 2018-2019 school year. Partnership with Literacy Task Force.

    Northside “Lending Library Flexible Seating” – Northside Middle School $1,825.39 – Leanne Conner - This project was proposed because of student feedback regarding the need for flexible seating.   It will allow Northside students and teacher to gain exposure to many flexible seating options. A system will be created where students and teachers can check-out flexible seating options from the lending library to take to their general education classrooms.  By implementing this system, the focus will shift from the possible limitations of the physical classroom to meeting the needs of individual students’ situation; in turn promoting self-regulation with our students.

    Mt. Healthy “Revamping Outdoor STEM Lab for K-3” – Mt. Healthy Elementary – $656.00 -Courtney ForemanThis project will revamp an Outdoor STEM Lab.  This will provide learners with multiple means of engagement by providing options for recruiting interest.  By taking the class outside, it automatically increases interest in the lesson and access to hands-on learning heightens engagement as well. This Outdoor STEM Lab would also provide teachers and students with access to another form of representation.  In addition to text or visuals, students would be able to dive into the topic and learn with the materials right in front of them. Partnership with The Heritage Fund

    Mt. Healthy  “Amygdala First Aid Station in the Classroom” – Mt. Healthy Elementary – $ $555.07 - Amy Nagel – This project will provide funding to create an Amygdala First Aid Station for a classroom.   The “Amygdala First Aid Kit” would help students use a variety of strategies and manipulatives to help calm themselves (proactive) and self-regulate.  This would allow students who would typically miss out on instruction or class activities continue to learn and be engaged in the classroom. The Station(s) would be set up around the classroom and students could use them as needed.

    Cultural Learning Center “The HumanEX Project” – BCSC Cultural Learning Center – $500.00 - Whitney GrantThis project is an idea adapted from an existing non-profit organization of the same name based in Denmark. The belief is that stereotypes and prejudices can be challenged by learning about the human experiences associated with them. The Cultural Learning Center will be bringing in speakers based on the interests of the Social Studies department with whom they have made their initial partnership. They will also be working with the affinity groups of Cummins. A current list of topics include: A First Hand Account of September 11th,  The Dirty War of South, America Organic Farming in Southern Indiana (this would be intended for Agriculture and Business classes),  Civil Rights in America Today, Growing up in Apartheid, The Experience of Persecution, and  Indian Festivals and their Significance.

     Southside “Southside Business Town”– Southside Elementary – $640.00 - Kim Chamberlin - The project, Southside Business Town, will be used in 5th grade with between 120-130 students. The town will have all the elements of a town that will be run by the students for a day.  There will be a bank, factory, store, mortgage company, automobile loan company, utility company, recreation areas, a mayor, police, and more in the town.  Students will work in advance to understand money matters (obtaining loans, having a bank account, paying bills, budgeting). They will prepare for the workforce by researching different types of jobs, creating a resume, and interviewing.  All fifth grade teachers will be working on the preparations to get the students ready.

    Southside “Growing Science” – Southside Elementary – $5,810.66 -  Jamie Bumbalough, Emily Abney, Chris Bodart, Jacob McCall - This project will consist of growing various types of plants to teach science standards. The goal is to incorporate all science standards into the process of planning and implementing a school garden that students will take care of and maintain.  The project will begin with starting annual seeds in classrooms to observe growth, characteristics, soil condition variables, simple machine applications, energy resources, earth's changing surface implications, and practicing the scientific and design process.  Perennial plants will be planted as well, to discover the difference between annuals and perennials. Students also use multiple math skills in planning and maintaining the garden.  In addition to meeting academic standards, this project will reinforce teamwork, goal setting, critical thinking, and self-directed learning. Partnership with The Heritage Fund and The Landmark Farm Foundation.

    Taylorsville “Diversity Book Club” – Taylorsville Elementary – $ 990.00 - Kari Tyree and Brenda Frady This project will enable elementary teachers to identify and list topics of diversity relative to classroom and/or building needs. A topic and corresponding book title will be selected each month. One copy of the book is provided for each building and/or teacher. As a group, the teachers will we read the month’s selection and generate potential discussion questions, lessons, and activities to use in the classroom. Teachers utilize the text, lessons, and activities in their classrooms before the next meeting. At that time, teachers will share results from each classroom, identifying what went well, what needs improvement, and what are next steps.

     CEHS “Olympian Express Cafe” – Columbus East high School –  $2,995.39 - Peggy Myers, Lacey Brazill, Sandi Spall, Bob Hartman, Sarabeth Fisher, Rebecca Daugherty  - This project will enable students with intellectual disabilities and their nondisabled peers from the business education, culinary arts, interior design, building trades and graphic design classes will work together to design and operate a cafe within Columbus East High School. The students will serve and deliver coffees, teas, and snacks to faculty and students. The students will receive on the job real life training in vocational, financial, entrepreneurial, and culinary skills. Teachers, students, parents and community members will witness students developing their skills to be a valuable employee in our community.

    Clifty Creek “Books for All” – Clifty Creek Elementary – $2,700.00 -Jerilyn Brewer – This project is focused on providing bilingual books to support the opening of the Legado program at Clifty Creek. The students in the building and in the district need access to quality bilingual and Spanish books to read at school and home. Bilingual books and materials serve as a scaffold for our children’s skills in their second or weaker language by activating the assets of their first or stronger language. The beauty of this is that it works in reverse as well: The more our children learn in their weaker language, the stronger their dominant language gets. This will also help the parents of students as they try to read at home with their children. As parents read with their children it will help to reinforce the students’ connection to literature and the home-school connection, while supporting opportunities for language development.

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