The Cultural Learning Center is BCSC´s multilingual resource for welcoming international families, providing support for EL students, and increase cultural and global awareness and engagement opportunities for everyone. Parents can learn how to navigate the education system in the United States, find activities and resources for their children, and ensure that their family has what it needs to succeed. Students can receive after-school help in their home language, support for graduation, and place where they can feel at home. BCSC is dedicated to graduating students who are inclusive and prepared for all stages in life. 
    BCSC is committed to Universal Design for Learning. We provide professional development that encourages collaboration and understanding of different origins, cultures, and beliefs. The Cultural Learning Center is a knowledge base for teachers and staff to find information not only on inclusive instruction but also different cultures and practices. 
    Our new facility will be located in Room 1234 of Columbus North.
Last Modified on May 26, 2017