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    Hello and welcome to my class webpage! My name is Brenny Jarrard and I am a 3rd year social studies teacher for the Maverick team at Central Middle School. In our social studies class, we will learn about the culture, history, government, economic systems, art, and architecture of ancient and modern civilizations in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. Not only will be expand our geography knowledge-but we will learn about history, having lots of fun along the way! 

    We will learn about the past and present using a variety of learning activities and methods. In our class, I use the Universal Design for Learning instructional framework to guide my planning and instructional decisions-meaning, I realize not everyone learns the same way and there are many different ways you can show you have understood something. I really emphasize variety in my teaching and projects, and allow my students to take ownership of their learning by helping decide how they like to learn and how they would like to show their understanding. With that being said, there's never a dull moment in our class! We will sing, dance, act, write, debate, note-take, play games, rap, advertise, map, discuss, and much more. Some of the major projects and activities we do over the course of the school year include:

    • Shark Tank Ancient Inventions Project (based off of the popular ABC show)
    • Argumentative Video Project (students create a claim/evidence based video after doing research and we have an Oscars party)
    • March Madness Geography Tournament
    • Skits
    • Kingdoms of Africa Tourism Commercials
    • Heroes and Villains in History
    • Feudal Japan simulation
    • Mysteries of History CSI Investigations
    • African Masks
    • Geneaology Project


    I hope you enjoy our class and are excited for a fun school year!


    Key Contact Info:

    Email: jarrardb@bcsc.k12.in.us

    All of the curriculum, lessons, activities, study tools, and extra credit opportunities can be found on my itslearning page. Itslearning is our district learning management system. Each student has an individual login and can access itslearning through the mobile app or through a web browser. Do not hesitate to email me with questions! Please visit the link below to access itslearning and the curriculum for our class:

    I also have a texting e-alert system to help students/parents remember upcoming deadlines, field trip info, and more. To sign up for the e-alerts, text the code @c7a7h7 to the number 81010.

    Feel free to also follow our classroom Instagram account for updates: @maverick_socialstudies


    About Me:

    I am in my second year of teaching at CMS on the Maverick team, my first year being at Columbus North High School teaching United States History and Psychology. I love social studies, geography, and all things history. Any of my former students can attest to this! I have lived in Columbus for majority of my life and was a former BCSC student-attending Richards Elementary, Central Middle School, and Columbus North High School. I graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with Bachelor's in Secondary Education and am currently seeking my Master's degree. I am getting married in July, 2018 to my fiance Tony and also have 3 pets: Tuna (cat), Mako (Siberian Husky), and Winnie (Siberian Husky / Rottweiler). In my spare time, I enjoy coaching track and field at CMS, running, reading, painting, traveling, and going to baseball games!

    Mako Winnie Tuna Family run Tony and I