• About Mrs. Toppe
       I am an instructional strategist and guided resource teacher.
    I graduated with a MS in Special Education from IU Southeast in 2008. 
    I live in Clearspring with my husband, 5 dogs, 3 cats, and tons of chickens.
        I have a son, Jordan Adams, who is currently serving as a Staff Sgt. in the United States Army. I also have a  daughter, Erica Hocking.  Erica is a chiropractic assistant. My youngest son, Jamie Toppe, who is a corrections officer for Louisville Metro. I love Indiana University and working with kids.

    Guided Resource


    The Guided Resource class at Northside Middle School is designed to develop, strengthen, and improve the skills of students for positive academic performance and achievement.

    Success in this classroom is attainable by each student. Working together (student, teacher, and parents) allows the opportunity to attain academic success and achievment of goals. Success is accomplished through content area course work and the reteaching of previously taught skills in a smaller classroom environment. As your teacher, I will not ask you to do anything that you are not capable of doing, but I will ask you to challenge yourself academically.

    Another component of Guided Resource is learning self-advocacy skills and participating in transition planning for the future. Each student's progress is monitored and reviewed throughout the year according to his/her IEP (Individual Educational Plan).

    Guided Resource Grading


    Guided Resource is a pass/fail class. To earn a passing grade, the student must work cooperatively with peers and adults, adovacate appropriately for academic needs, organize materials, and use class time wisely.

    Finding Success


    In order to be successful in Guided Resource:

    1. Utilize time wisely

    2. Follow classroom rules

    3. Keep materials organized

    4. Be at school every day

    5. Actively participate in your learning

    6. Ask for help! Ask for help! Ask for help!

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