• Physical Education Option I and Option 2

    Applications are due Friday August 11th

     Click HERE to link to the PE Option Application Form.

    Click on this link to see PE agreement form.
     Click on this link to see PE requirement pathways. 
     2017-18 School Year:
    Students planning on a PE option class for the current semester should complete an application and turn it into the counseling center the first week of the semester. Students who turn in applications will receive a pass to attend a required meeting with an option teacher. Students who do not complete the application and agreement and/or do not attend the meeting will be removed from the course.
    PRINT application and agreement off following the links above to the forms. Applications and agreements can also be found in the counseling office. Return applications to the COUNSELING OFFICE.
    Mr. Friedgood, Mrs. Hester, or Mr. Sipe will meet with each student face to face the Wednesday 8-16 and Friday 8-18 to explain requirements and guidelines.
    Please contact Mr. Friedgood, Mrs. Hester, or Mr. Sipe if you need assistance: 
    Due Dates for 2017-18

    Link to Dates


Last Modified on August 15, 2017