• Music Class Grades
    Kindergarten-Grade 3 use a standards-based report card. For music, parents will need to log on to PowerSchool to see the individual standards that have been assessed and your student’s score. The score that will appear on the report card for music is an average of the LAST THREE individual standard scores earned in the grading period. The standards-based report card represents students’ progress toward proficiency using the following scale:
     1    2 3 4
     Below grade-level standards Approaching grade-level standards Meets grade-level standardsExceeds grade-level standards 
    Grades in music class for grades 4-6 are based on a combination of a student's participation (60% of the final grade) and demonstration of musical knowledge and skill (40% of the final grade). Participation grades reflect the effort shown during class over the course of the semester. Musical knowledge and skill is tied to the music standards and is assessed in a variety of ways. Rhythm reading assessments, singing tests, and observation of a student's technique playing a classroom instrument are examples of skill assessment. Knowledge will be assessed through paper or project-based assignments. Students and parents are encouraged to review the descriptions of each assignment in PowerSchool for detailed information on each individual assessment.
Last Modified on July 31, 2015