• What are the Indiana Academic Standards for Music?

    If you visit the Richards music room, you will witness students developing a wide range of musical skills, incorporating the nine Indiana Academic Standards for Music:
       1. PERFORMING MUSIC: Singing alone and with others.
       2. PERFORMING MUSIC: Playing an instrument alone and with others.
       3. CREATING MUSIC: Improvising melodies, variations, and accompaniments.
       4. CREATING MUSIC: Composing and arranging music within specific guidelines.
       5. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Reading, notating, and interpreting music
       6. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.
       7. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Evaluating music and music performance.
       8. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Understanding the relationships between music, the other arts, &              disciplines outside the arts
       9. RESPONDING TO MUSIC: Understanding music in relation to history and culture 
    In addition to these nine music standards, the music program incorporates Literacy Standards to develop students' reading and writing in the technical field of music.  You can view the Indiana Academic Standards for Music here.
Last Modified on July 31, 2015