• Testing and Accountability at Central 

    General Information

    Central students undertake a variety of assessments throughout the year to benchmark their academic growth. Most of these assessments are conducted at the classroom-level, such as taking a quiz or completing a group project, and can be formative (intended to guide instruction and support) or summative (illustrative of a student's mastery of core concepts and skills). Other assessments, though, provide information that guides instructional practice and accountability at the  building, corporation, and state levels. Those assessments are described below.

    Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+)

    Indiana state code mandates that annual academic performance testing take place in every school that receives state funds. To meet this requirement, the Indiana Board of Education requires students in third through tenth grades to complete the ISTEP+ exam each spring. The test serves two purposes. First, it reports individual student achievement in regards to state academic standards. This enables parents and teachers to view a child's academic growth between grade levels and in comparison to other students of the same grade level across the state. Second, the data collected from the exam is used to inform school improvement efforts. Schools receive detailed reports on student mastery of core academic skills, like reading comprehension and mathematical operations, that are used to guide curricular planning and instruction.

    Middle school students are tested in three subjects: mathematics, English, and social studies (seventh grade only). The exam is administered within two testing windows, an applied skills section that takes place in early spring and a multiple choice section that takes place in late spring. More information on the ISTEP+ exam can be found by visiting the Indiana Department of Education's website.

    Pivot Inspect

    Pivot Inspect is a standardized assessment that benchmarks student growth in English and mathematics. The exam is administered in class three times a year - at the beginning of school, mid-year, and prior to the second round of ISTEP -  in both subjects. The questions are based on Indiana academic standards and mirror what students will encounter on the ISTEP exam. Pivot Inspect is meant to be diagnostic in nature, meaning that  teachers and principals are provided an exceptionally detailed view of individual and school-wide performance that guides planning and teaching. This information is used to adjust instructional priorities mid-year, making classroom instruction mastery-focused and responsive to student needs. 

    STAR Reading

    Reading, both in terms of comprehension and fluency, is one of the most critical skills students can master. To that end, Central students complete the STAR reading assessment at the beginning and end of each year. STAR provides two pieces of information: a grade equivalency (a norm-referenced indication of a student's reading level in comparison to other tested students) and an instructional reading level (the grade level at which a student can comprehend 80% of what is being conveyed). Teachers and support staff use these data points to tailor reading instruction to individual student needs, guide student book selections in the library, and build class-wide reading capacity.

    State Accountability
    Information regarding  annual school and corporation performance can be accessed by visiting the Indiana Department of Education's performance reports page. To view information for BCSC and Central, type "0395" in the search box and click "submit." A new window will open where you will be able to download the latest report.
    Please feel free to contact the assistant principal (812-376-4286) if you have any questions regarding Central's testing and accountability practices.
Last Modified on July 6, 2017